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GOD Is Bursting Asunder Your Prison Doors

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

One thing is certain, whether you agree with me or not, it does not matter: GOD is setting the captives free in this month of February!

"I kinda like to render it in my freestyle way: Father-God is bursting wide open the prison doors that had kept his children captive for so long!"

"Are you not just trying to raise the people's hopes, high; don't you think that's exactly what you're trying to do, Sammy?"

Well, to answer your question, King Solomon was quoted as saying that "There's more hope in a living dog than a dead lion!" | Ecclesiastes 9:4. One word strikingly makes the huge difference between the picturesque quotation: HOPE!

Such as air is to the lungs, and so is 'hope' to the meaningfulness of the arduous Christian calling and walk! "Hope," the Bible says, "maketh not ashamed because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost Who has been given us" | Romans 5:5.

In the month of January just gone by, the Holy Spirit quickened me to teach on REMNANTS. God's remnants. (If you haven't seen or watched any in the series, please, click upon the playlist at this link:

While I will deliberately avoid repetition here because it destroys the object of this blog, yet, I think it is vital to mention briefly what God does with His remnants. For example, because of their neglect of Him, God had allowed His people to be pulverized and carted away into captivity. But all of the time, He had also warned that their captors would be captivated by more superior powers. Kind of a dog-eat-dog world, isn't it? Because God's love NEVER intended to allow His children to be held in bondage of any type. So, He had His time-piece set at the back of His Father-heart to always RESTORE His captives. A day will come when they would have had enough in captivity; in the strange land, and would call upon Him. Then, He would emancipate them, hold captivity captive, and release His goodies to His remnants! | Ephesians 4:8.

Are you a remnant of God?
If you, you have need to be strongly hopeful: God is coming to get you out of that funk or gallows, or the pigpen ... by the instrument of His emancipator!

Moses, for instance, was an emancipator of the riotous, idolatrous, adulterous Abraham's descendants! They soon became freed from the Pharaoh's iron grips! Their bonds were broken. They emerged free! The prison doors of Pharaoh's gulags were emptied by the superlative demonstration of the power of God.

Joseph was another classical emancipated emancipator. Sometimes, that is just God's style of releasing the captives: He sends someone akin to them ahead of them to be crushed and brutalized (Psalms 105:16-22) before empowering such to now "comfort others by the selfsame comfort wherewith they were comforted of God | See Psalms 105:16-22 & 2 Corinthians 1:4. From prison, the matured Joseph rose meteorically to the palace! Our Father-God always sends emancipators to His captivated remnants, locked up behind bars. Whatever kind of bar it is: Literal prison cells, for example, like He had done for Paul and Silas in Acts 16. Or financial indebtedness and/or credit card jailhouse. Or possibly marriage and children's or child-raising jailhouses' troubles! Some may even be adulting their lives with drug abuse and such. God always will call for Heavenly help to reach His locked-up remnants! He did the same for Apostle Peter whom Herod had imprisoned after, merely counting down to the night he would have him beheaded as he had done James. He had begun a "harassment campaign" of God's ecclesia. That's what the Bible called it in Acts 12:1. But God Almighty had another plan for His faithful servant: He would send one of His angels from Heaven to invade the jail cell, burst the prison doors asunder, smite the sleeping Apostle under the fifth rib, issuing him a command to "Arise quickly!" | Acts 12:7.

In a similar token, earlier this past January, as I waited upon the Lord in a thirty-one-day-fast, praying, the Holy Spirit through a bosom friend confirmed to me to form a consortium of partners for the purpose of creating an online mentorship program. It will be called the 'Sammy Joseph Mentorship Program' It will be opened to anyone who wants to critically appraise their lives and livelihoods.

The SJMP provides personal mentoring opportunities for selected individuals who are COMMITTED to personal development training in character, finances, relationships, and leadership. Our consortium consists of proven experts in their respective fields. They will help you make noticeable differences in your life. These online classes are commencing soon, and you will need to reserve your interest by scanning the QR Code above - or clicking on the link: and pre-registering. Like Peter's angel had instructed him: "Arise quickly ... Gird yourself and tie your sandals ... Put on your garment and follow me!"

When you too had followed God's instructions, you would have noticed your chains had fallen off. Just like they had off Apostle Peter. Hurry up! Pre-register N-O-W!



'GOD Is Bursting Asunder Your Prison Doors' was written by Sammy Joseph. It is an obedient reflection of his on Heaven's instruction to lead a consortium of expert emancipators in the areas that will produce excellence in life, wealth, health, and wholeness in the lives of participants.

To pre-register for - or learn more about - the SJMP, click here or scan our QR code today:

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