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Godly Dating Tips!

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

As the Holy Spirit has instructed in June, I have been teaching upon the series: 'Godly Dating Tips'. You can avail yourself of these teachings freely at Subscribe - and share freely!


The word 'dating' is NOT found in the scripture. That having been said, does that mean that the 21st century Christian cannot/must not date? Absolutely not! Which is one reason we are talking about the subject, so that I can help contribute the quota of the Heavenly revelation to me on the subject, thus helping to clear and dispel all controversies surrounding dating! Hence, for the major entities that dating is not, here's my countdown:

  1. GODLY dating is not marriage. At least not yet, if not yet. And it is not yet! Because you rarely know who you're meeting - or attracted to. When you're proposing to meet on a date, please, be cautious. Only meet strangers in public places. Maybe you could bring your friends with you. As you will discover I already have said in my video-teachings, that will serve as an extra advantage! Be very cautious;

  2. GODLY dating is not a hook-up scheme. Nor is it a one-night stand. Nor a one-afternoon chance, whether standing, sitting, bending, or twerking. Only children of darkness engage in any of these. Do NOT enter their car. Do NOT go home with them, nor enter their hotel room. Some who had had emerged with bruises and scars! I'm even talking about unseen emotional scars! Don't go that way (See Proverbs 4:14-15). Be holy. Be polished. be civil! Remember the son/daughter of who you are, as the proverbial African saying goes!

  3. Godly dating is not a covenant. It is an avenue to begin to get acquainted with someone of the opposite sex that you are attracted towards, for the possible end-result of marriage;

  4. Godly dating is not lowering your boundaries. If at all, you need to erect them, ramrod-style. Some people do not have boundaries. That only translates unhealthiness of the foundation of the friendship/relationship. You don't want to ever pursue someone without boundaries or lacking restraints. They are disasters-waiting-to-happen! You would be surprised at the sheer number of born-again Christians who are tongue-tied when it comes to voicing their opposition or liking; they cannot say an outright YES or a NO. Such are likened to the invertebrate creatures. Invertebraes possess a strange defense mechanism: Stings. Or Foul-smelling, thick squirts. Be warned!

  5. Godly dating is not friends with benefits! I think that is self-explanatory! Or isn't it?

  6. Godly dating isn't signing away your choices and preferences. We all have the freedom to choose and have preferences. Don't you ever let anyone bully you into submitting your power of choice and preference!

  7. Godly dating is not un-committing your thoughts and desires into the hands of the LORD! (See Proverbs 3:5-7).

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