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Three fluffy-feathered creatures perched for a time and season. The fourth was not interested in their conversation. So, he backed them - and looked away and soon flew in the direction of his thoughts!

The other three, however, waited in turn trusting Creation had a reason:

"A time and place for all things one said …"

Another began to flap its wings and slowly spread:

"We will rely on God Who cared for the sparrow

And be still as we rest on a branch limb so narrow"

Let us watch the others begin today’s flight …

One day it will be our turn to soar in heaven’s light"

We heard the angelic opening song of the morning

As their lyrics were revealed to us and now forming

Soon God’s little flock will have a new dawning

No longer would your tiny mouths still be yawning

Prepare thy heart as you wait patiently for him

And find the melody of your soul as you sing hymns

From the nest into the world you will begin to fly

As the Father leads you by the clear direction of His bountiful eye!


'PERCH CONVERSATION' was submitted by our associate writer/contributor: Poet Linda Milano. Both the picture and the poem have been published with permission.

PULSE Publishing House, UK (copyrighted).

Visit our PULSE Publishing House Store at to order Sammy O. Joseph's books. You will find his teachings at


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