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We are a family-church setting nestled within the southern neighborhoods of Northfield, Birmingham, England. From a family setting of five children and himself in January 2010, our founding pastor, Dr. Joseph embraced the calling of the walk of faith in planting the HarvestWays Int'l Church. Today, the fruits of patience and longsuffering in ministries, are just blossoming. Come along and experience the welcome, the warmth, the genuineness of the Word in an atmosphere of heartfelt worship.

The Sammy Joseph Ministries by the grace of God continues to push back darkness through her conferences both local and international. We have been to four of the continents of the world actively strengthening the Body of the Lord, and working with local pastors to producing sharp-shooter ministers in the army of Christ Jesus.


The Almighty called 2023 for us: "THE YEAR OF BUILD UP STRONGER' | Isaiah 37:30-32.


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