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Our ministries’ specialized arms are: Involvement in both local and world evangelism, the Church arm — the HarvestWays Int’l; and Publishing and Publications — via PULSE Publishing House. Our media vision is achieved through the “HarvestWays with Sammy Joseph” broadcasts on the radio and YouTube, the Social Media, and the Training & Equipping of the Body of Christ through our well-loved conferences in the United Kingdom: SpringUp, the Experience Harvestways and Lay It Down Conferences. Each of these conferences are non-denominationally unreligious, and superintended by a flavor of well-proven, integral, ministry-friends' group made up of notable national and international speakers who are ready to equip the saints, replete with the instrumentalization of the Word, worship and welcome.


The Experience Harvestways Conference, however alone, has its international blend: God has taken it onto four continents of the world within the first five years of its inception with mighty signs, wonders, and growths recorded in the lives of the attendees. While the SpringUp Conference occurs third week of March annually, its counterpart — the Experience Harvestways Conference — is held every first weekend of November! Recently in December 2019, the Lord added the Lay It Down Conference, scheduled for the first weekend in December. It allows participants to take gratitude-stock of God's goodness before the 'old' year rolls off!

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