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The HarvestWays Int'l Church is a growing family church on Ley Hill in the quiet English suburb of Northfield in the south of Birmingham, England. Other settlements we outreach to include downtown in the City Center, Hockley, Jewellery Quarter, Selly Oak, Kings Norton, Kings Heath, Bartley Green, Frankley, Longbridge, and Rubery. Conceived as a tiny cell-church which had consisted of his five, little children and himself on the first Sunday of 2010, the Harvestways Int'l Church today is a growing family church of the Pentecostal description of the Word of faith. 


Symbolized on our HarvestWays logo are the different races, nationalities, and ethnicities! The lower-case italicized 'h' symbolizes a human runner at a full-tilt with the fire of God’s Holy Spirit atop his head! The 'white' of the 'h' represents holiness purchased for us on the Cross by the Lord, Jesus Christ. 


HarvestWays' vision is global: The deep blue sea upon which we are situated depicts the limitless boundaries of Earth's inhabitants whom we aspire to outreach! Our golden-hue ribbons represent the covenant of wealth-royale the Lord had established for us! 


Come and help us fulfill this glorious vision.

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