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To inquire about inviting Dr. Sammy Joseph to minister for you, please carefully read the conditions you must fulfill before your church/organization will be considered!
If you believe that you meet our requirements, then TICK THE THREE BOXES at the end, and forward your inquiries to:

P.O. Box 15129,

Birmingham, West Midlands,

England B45 5DJ


(+44)  7758-195466

(+44)  7736-115884

(+44)  7722-323908


Speaking Policies with Dr. Sammy Joseph


Brief Background of ‘Experience HarvestWays’ Vision:
During our first Experience HarvestWays Conference in Birmingham, England, November 7 – 8, 2014 where we had witnessed some astounding miracles, the LORD had said “I am ready to replicate these same miracles you have witnessed here – and even many more – in the nations of the earth; from England to America, unto Japan; even unto the north and south of the earth!” 


For Dr. Sammy Joseph, that was a clarion call to duty as a prophetic and evangelistic voice unto the Nations. And true to God’s word, the door was opened to him to be hosted by the a church in Harrow, Canada –  and the TCT-TV in Detroit, Michigan, USA, March 31 – April 9, 2015. We have been to the North-American sub-continent annually since, and to Australia.


May 2016 witnessed us take the IEHConference to Kenya. It took place in Nakuru, Kenya under a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit –  and it had taken place there annually apart from 2018 and 2020.


Dr. Sammy Joseph’s Commitment to Speak for You


By the grace of God, Dr. Joseph is FULLY committed to:

⦁ Delivering a comprehensive,  fully-loaded, three or four-day international conference fully directed and controlled by – and worthy of repute to – the Holy Spirit;

⦁ Preaching the unadulterated, complete, wholesome Gospel backed  up by the demonstrations of the power of God at ‘Experience HarvestWays’;

⦁ Not establishing a church or cause schism in the Body. Rather, he will come as a prophetic and evangelistic GIFT to the Body of Christ, strengthening and demonstrating proofs of the risen Christ wherever God will send Him;

⦁ Adequately train your Ministers at the Advanced Ministers’ Sessions which will be a key part of the Conference – as well as Family Support in Marriage Enrichment Seminars / Singles & Married Seminars;

⦁ Faithfully trusting the Holy Spirit to provide for our visas and return air-tickets to venues – even though churches and ministries should offer to provide transportation towards this end;

⦁ Faithfully trust God to receive from our hosts, a decent honorarium at the end of our ministration.


Our Expectations from Participating / Host Churches & Ministries


⦁ Inviting / intending hosts MUST be fully registered as church/ministries in their country of operation;

⦁ SJM desires Bishops' and ministry-leaders' co-operation with their Boards opening their doors unto us with welcoming hands;

⦁ Hosts’ activities include faithfully interceding and confessing God’s words over Dr. Sammy Joseph and this worldwide Gospel-invasion vision;

⦁ Advertise and mass-mobilize people to the Conference. (Advertisement methods include printing, and distributing banners, posters, and leaflets; radio and TV ads, social media – and word of mouth invitations);

⦁ Assure SJM of proficient video and camera equipment to capture the acts of the Holy Spirit, and accede full rights to Sammy Joseph Ministries to use;

⦁ Hosting churches/ministries are solely responsible for hotel accommodation, hospitality, and the feeding of Dr. Sammy Joseph – alongside the provision of a decent honorarium that cuts well above-board of national subsistence living average of professionally trained laborforce!

⦁ Ready secure transportation and security personnel to meet/greet him at the airport;

⦁ Permission to SJM to set up a resource-table at which materials and books by Dr. Sammy Joseph shall be sold at the venues of ministrations – and the provision of one or two trusted, financially accountable members who would man the table and deliver proceeds unto us;

⦁ We also desire realistic, moderate honorariums for any of our associate-ministers as the Spirit of the Lord empowers His Body!


With these aforementioned, we desire to know ahead of time, if you are still interested in requesting Dr. Joseph's ministerial services. Please, answer the next set of questions and tick the appropriate boxes:

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