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If you're the intending budding writer, author, or poet who never really got started -- or knew what step precedes the others, Authors' Guild is just for you. For a token of £80GBP/$100USD pre-paid, we will devote un-inhibited FOUR hours to introduce you to writing and publishing. And we will make sure that those hours are flexibly arranged to accommodate you and your schedules. With modern online videography, distance is not a barrier. ALL your major questions will be answered very satisfactorily. Wait no longer. Click here to register:


If your need is in the area of PROOF-READING, EDITING, BACK-COVER DESIGN, or PUBLISHING, PULSE PUBLISHING HOUSE has professionally-trained, eagles' eyes and dexterous minds to meet your need, at a very competitive rate. 


Write, text, or call us with the headline of your need! We will respond with a competitive quote after discussion. Please find us at the addresses and number listed below.

Thanks for submitting!

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