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When Jesus Christ found me, I was homeless and growing in sin. I wanted to end my life. Both the sheer pain and the trauma of life led me to cry out to God with all my heart one night as I contemplated suicide. And HE heard my cry!

I was born into generational witchcraft being raised as a spiritist. My family taught me how to practice witchcraft, black magic, etcetera. We would practice every Sunday at our house. We engaged in magic circles; my grandmother was a psychic medium who taught me to do the same!

Spiritism is a wicked and twisted deception of the enemy because sadly, many people don’t have bad intentions in practicing it and they truly believe they are doing something good. I didn’t know any better as a child but later on in life, I would discover that all the problems stemmed from this deep, root issue of the spiritual. I did all I could to distract myself from the empty, dark void I felt inside.

I started smoking weed at age 12 and drinking at age 14. By the time I was 16, I was doing hard drugs. I did LSD, mushrooms, ecstasy, molly, cocaine, Adderall, and even DMT. I was addicted for years.

I was also a victim of sexual abuse. I was raised not just in a demonic-filled home. Still, also the devil had plagued my family with the shackles of drunkenness, sexual immorality, pedophilia, and much darker stuff ... Childhood trauma destroyed my self-image, and my life was a disaster due to my deep hatred of self. This led to endless sin. After doing drugs like crazy, and being promiscuous, I decided to become obsessed with money. Anything to fill the void. Anything to find a sense of identity, a sense of significance. But often, this innocent desire can quickly become self-destructive. I was willing to lie, deceive, sacrifice family time, miss out on special occasions, take advantage of people who trusted me, and step on competitors’ heads to climb higher in my pursuit of success. I became a superficial shell of idolatry, lacking any true meaning or depth inside. My entire life revolved around my image. And an image that I was fabricating at that, trying to invent a person that the world would find acceptable and important.

I always wanted more and more and more. It was never enough. I would always see other people who had more possessions, more accolades, more admiration from others and I wanted to beat everyone because that’s all my life was about. It was an endless cycle of trying to gain validation from man, and doing this always left me feeling more empty than fulfilled!


When Jesus Christ met me, that’s when everything changed. The Gospel of Christ crucified and resurrected for my sin, SAVED ME from feeling worthless, drug addiction, suicidal thoughts, money worship, self-idolatry, pride of life, needing validation from man, promiscuity, anger, and bitterness in my heart, narcissistic tendencies, greed, feelings of superiority, entitlement, jealousy, and so much more! And ultimately, HELL! PRAISE JESUS CHRIST! Only JESUS SAVES!

I was at rock bottom: Homeless, drowning in sin, and contemplating ending it all. Born into generational witchcraft, drugs became my escape, numbing the pain of trauma and abuse. I chased after money, seeking validation and significance in all the wrong places.

But Jesus Christ intervened: His love shattered my chains, His grace lifted me from despair. The Gospel transformed me, freeing me from worthlessness, addiction, and self-destruction. Only Jesus could save me from the grip of sin and the emptiness of chasing worldly desires.

2 Corinthians 5:17  "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!"

This truth became my reality! Jesus made me new, giving me purpose and hope beyond anything I could imagine!

I urge you to trust in Jesus Christ alone. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No matter how broken or lost you feel, His love can redeem and restore you. Surrender and experience the transformative power of finding your identity in Christ and Christ alone!


Stephanie Wilcox — not her real name — lives in Colorado, USA. We have obtained her permission to reproduce this testimony.

Dr. Sammy Joseph's book reading suggestion for this spring remains: 'You're Not a Mismatch'. Visit our PULSE Publishing House store at the secure QR code to order this life-changing book. You will also find his teachings at Please subscribe to the channel with a click on the notification bell. WE THANK YOU for your custom!

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Friday, November 10, 2023, met me in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, USA, RUNNING!

Well, not really: I had flown into the beautiful SKY Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, on the second leg of the Prayer Walk Mission, USA started on August 25, 2023.

The first trip had taken us to Charleston, NC, at the tail-end of August, during the inclement landing of the Hurrican Idalia. That hurricane had claimed ten human lives, and wasted tens of thousands of cattle-lives in Georgia; 8 billion dollars in insurance claims in adjoining FL, GA, NC, and DE states. BUT NOT ONE TREE, ROOF, HUMAN OR ANIMAL LIFE WAS LOST IN THE ENTIRE SOUTH CAROLINA!

It was here the Holy Spirit had assured me: "These are your first set of signs of apostleship and a prophetic door-keeper's rod I have given you over this beautiful nation!"

I had taken that picture of the Phoenix City Council's bus while I had invested almost two hours of prayer—walking prophesy over the city center. Read the inscription on it: 'Driving Your Future Forward.' My friend, I am less bothered about how your future looks at this season of your life. I bring you the word of the Lord: "DRIVE YOUR FUTURE FORWARD!"

Moses was a bit confused when he and the 2.5 million emancipated slaves he had by the hands of God freed from Pharaoh's Egypt stood by the brinks of the croc-infested River Nile. Not only was moving forward seemingly an impossibility, but moving backward was unimaginable because of the unrelenting, pursuing, 600 elite forces of Pharaoh's and their furious chariot-riders!

Maybe you too are stuck between a mighty deliverance and the hot chase from the enemy of your destiny.

Three lessons are worthy of our notice, here:
a.) The devil does not care if you or I have been set free from his gulag; he will still pursue us, until the revelation day of our full redemption;
b.) God will always guide the steps of His sons on a hair-breadth's collision pathway with hell fraught with dangers and opportunities; and,
c.) The implementation of your driving forward is IN YOUR HANDS! Moses had the rod of God — signifying authority — in his hands. Possibly across his shoulders held by two hands, the position of the typical shepherd in relaxed, idle times of his times and day. Yet he was be-fuzzled!

The great Prophet Moses yawned and wiped his brows with his hands. He was dazed. In his full glare were the shimmery, shiny helmets, swords in the staves, bows, and arrows, not forgetting the chariots' tumbling wheels of his enemies in hot pursuit. His heart skipped some beats for fear and despondency. In total agony of the heart, he cried to God: "Father, what will I do? What can I do? What is my offense what must I now do?"

And because of the robust chances of occurrence of any of those three scenarios above, true sons of God are kept on their toes by their Father's erstwhile design of "through many tribulations, entering the kingdom of God" (Acts 14:22). We are always agile; eagerly ready to find out the way of escape in that particular test or trial life's circumstances might throw at us. (1 Cor. 10:14).

The disposition of the way of life of ANY maturing son of God is one of pursuit: Either he/she is being pursued. Or they are pursuing the high calling for which they have been apprehended! Hence, the title of this blog: "RUN, BABY RUN!"

God instructed Moses: "Why are you crying to Me? Instruct the Israelites to MARCH FORWARD."

And so, they did!


We know His thoughts and intentions. We know of His everlasting unfailing love for us. Take these thoughts with you, always.

And as we embark on the transatlantic #PrayerWalkMissionUSA, March 25 - April 5, we shall see God again in action. Face to face. Doing marvelous works in dazzling manifestations through us - and our armies of volunteers. Pray for us. Manifest your conviction to stand with us with your seed gifts. Click upon HarvestWays.Org and our DONATE button today in obedience to the tug of God on your spirit. And for this your partnership, Heaven will rejoice.



This blog was written by Dr. Sammy Joseph. If you've any inquiries about what you have read, please contact us today! If you would love to write for us, please contact us also, today.

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The new year 2024 has already begun! And it is jostling down at a high rate of speed with a lot of incidents and news good

and bad, already occurring! All these, however, will not forbid the LORD's grace to bring to pass, all that He has for you in 2024 in His holy, exalted name; the name of Jesus Christ the LORD!

At our Sammy Joseph Ministries and the Harvestways Int'l Church, the Spirit of the LORD has a tradition with us since way back to our inception: Calling in one word or a sentence of prophetic declaration how the entire new year will be. This year, our word is MANIFEST. Or MANIFESTATION.

You may be inquisitive to ask: "Manifestation of what in particular?"

My answer is in Romans 9:19-23.

I have already prophesied as much as the Holy Spirit would let me, about this year on my first sermon of the year obtainable at our HarvestWays YouTube handle! In this year, I prophesy that GOD will visit you. He will couple your hands in His. You will dream dreams, see visions and experience visitations of the Holy One of Israel. You will live a holier lifestyle. You will pay a greater price for your followership of God. You will enjoy the sweet communion of the Holy Spirit as keys into the realms of the spirit are handed over to you. More and more, you will understand the answers to the nagging questions of such 'unanswered prayers' of so many years!


It couldn't have been better timing for the unveiling of a half-century prophetic word to me: The birth of the Prayer Walk Mission, USA identifiable on social media as #PrayerwalkMissionUSA

It was on August 28, 2023, at 10.25HRS that my American Airlines flight kissed the clouds. It was one of the last aircrafts that the BAA would allow to lift off: A glitch in the computers of the air authority had forced a 'seal-up' order ensuring that no aircraft took off into the entire British airspace - or was allowed to approach it! Yet, half a day later in Charleston, South Carolina, upon touch-down, the TV monitors screamed red-alert-headlines of the impending landfall of the dreaded tropical Hurricane Idalia.

Idalia was a Category 3 hurricane scheduled to hit the panhandle of Florida. It would then travel along the coast to Charleston, and up north and westward to the hinter-states. News reports had it that at least FOUR people were killed in Florida in incidents caused by this monstrous beast; THREE in New Jersey, and ONE each in Georgia, North Carolina, and Delaware. Over USD 8 billion worth of goods and properties were reported lost in the catastrophe. State-wide 'emergencies' were called by the state governors of these states. In Florida, at least 21,000 home insurance claims were reported with total losses of about $216.1 million. Agricultural losses were close to $450 million. Damages in Georgia exceeded $41 million. At the time of the writing of this blog, the woes and the impact of Hurricane Idalia had inflicted on some people, majority are still reeling from its wake. BUT THERE WAS JUST ONE STATE THAT WAS SPARED OF THE LANDING OF IDALIA: IT WAS THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA WITH ITS HISTORIC, COASTAL CITY OF CHARLESTON AND ENVIRONS. THE WINDS BLEW HARD AND THE RAINS DUMPED THE WATERS, BUT NOT ONE SINGLE ROOF WAS BLOWN. NOR WAS THERE ANY TREE UPROOTED AS IN OTHER PLACES. AND NO LIFE WAS LOST!

A day before landing of the hurricane, GOD had instructed me: "Go into the country side; into its woods. Lift your hands to Me in prayers, to the four corners of the atmosphere — and nullify idalia's forecast landing! Then, hug the trees and declare no loss of human lives — and properties."

Not many people knew that a prophet of God was amidst them, sent as Heaven's gatekeeper-apostle into their land but the few friends of the prophet who had promised to meet him and help organize the Prayer Walk. But they had been forced back indoors by the curfew declared. Later, they would write to honor his ministry and the timing of it!


  1. It was at Charleston airport after my unplanned meeting with an elderly retiree couple Jim and Janine that the Lord assured me: "These are your first set of angels sent to help your mission across the land. This state is the first of fifty I will take you onto to challenge authorities and principalities in the gates and governmental institutions, forcing repentance, restoration, and renewal ..."

  2. November 10-21, 2023, the prophetic-apostolic anointing upon my life touched down in Phoenix, Arizona; and Yuba, Northern California for their editions of the #PrayerwalkMissionUSA

  3. In Phoenix/Tempe, AZ, I visited the seat of the city's government building as it had fallen on the Friday before Memorial Day. All offices were shut. I drove my rental Toyota AVS 4 into the quiet city, parked, and got out of it. I walked more than two and a half hours of gentle walk to sow my prophetic words of prophecy over the land. Powerful prophetic declarations were thick in the air! Monumental places like the Phoenix Mayor's Office Building, Phoenix City Hall, Washington Drive, Marvin A. Andrews Plaza, the Federal Courthouse, the Superior Court Complex, the Arizona Financial Theater, and the Sandra Day O'Connor U.S. Courthouse building. One more important ancient rebuilt place I must not forget to mention was an extensive time-lapse that the Lord would have me spend at the Orpheum and its environs, to decree liberation prayers and decrees Heaven had sent me!

  4. At Arizona State University - with its national reputation of being one of the most morally slacked campuses in the entire United States, I had appealed to Heaven to "raise God-honoring young men and women - and prophets and prophetesses who will prepare fellow students and the academia to usher in the King of kings and the Lord of lords at His coming!"

  5. In Yuba and Sutter, Northern California, the team-designate of two from the Church of Glad Tidings I were able to pray for the City's Mayor, Wade Kirchner. We also walked and prayed the perimeters of the City Hall, the County Court, and Jailhouse as well as a few other central administrative points of the state. I had also visited the Sutter Buttes and the Feather River and dropped the bomb of God's words in my spirit.

  6. At a Homeless Shelter fellowship in Marysville on November 14, 2023 evening, as I began to share the word of God, the power of the LORD descended so powerfully to heal all those with morbid backpains!


Many miracles that space and time wouldn't permit me to share here occurred in Yuba, California! One thing is evident: The Spirit of the Lord is breathing upon His call over my life, family, and ministries. And the same Spirit I am aware, is breathing over you! This is all I ever prayed for ...

In our Pakistani Christmas Outreach program on Zoom with my spiritual children's church in December 2023, twenty-five new souls yielded their hearts to the LORD! It is growing upon my spirit that my first visit to this region of the world would be taking place later this year, as much as a re-attempt of last August's 'botched' Uganda's 'Experience HarvestWays'.

Day and night again, this year, I am advancing the #PrayerwalkMissionUSA vision. Between February 9 and 17, 2024, Tennessee, Summerville (South Carolina), and Talbot (North Carolina) shall be walked and prayed over: Possibly, another 200,000 footsteps, 30,000 air miles, many days and nights fasting and groaning in the spirit would have been logged at the Throne Room.

Called to bring a message of repentance, renewal, restoration, and healing unto the nations; many signs and wonders will be recorded on the #PrayerWalkMissionUSA mission too uniquely and most supernaturally as unique as our Heavenly Father is! If you’re led by the Holy Spirit to physically join — or financially and prayerfully support — this vision, contact us today on the social media you're reading this at; or by DM, INBOX and/or email to ‘’ To give financially, visit Harvestways.Org 

On behalf of our ministries and church family, I thank ALL our existing partners and the new ones GOD is bringing in this season!

Again, may we all, MANIFEST the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.

HAPPY 2024.


This BLOG was written by Dr. Sammy Joseph. If you've any inquiries about what you have read, please contact us today!

Our book reading suggestion for January 2024 is '50 Invaluable Life Lessons.' Visit our PULSE Publishing House store at the secure link: to order this life-changing book. It assures you that you would possess more wisdom — and particularly, understanding if you would dare put into practise, the wisdom disclosed on its pages.

You will also find Dr. Sammy Joseph's teachings at Please subscribe with a click on the notification bell.

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