Your style may be shoes, mine, boots

It matters little so long as we both will bear fruit

Joyfully serving the same Master

And although one walks slower, and another a bit faster

You say ‘hello’ and I say ‘howdy’

We join our souls under skies made perfect by the grace of GOD

Though made imperfect by our life's toils

Yet, in every journey, GOD already has trodden ahead of us!

Even if to the wandering brawler it sounds odd

Words mean little while our actions speak

As feeble hands find strength once, oh, so weak

You may wear a suit as I wear tattooed skin

By His loving grace, we are both forgiven of sins

And growing at His pace

As we put on kindness and others see our Jesus

This kindness walks softly as it writes on men's hearts heavenly thesis

That 'life is a journey that must be traveled'

Even if questions leave our faith forever baffled

He leads a way for the strong and able

And carries those who are broken and disabled

Our appearances may look very different

But there dwells just One who is never ignorant

He is the God of the countryman

And for the city boy too, He forewrote His plans

We will never pass this way again

May our works speak what He authored with His pen

Because every heart needs love and care

Just as the rich and poor have lungs needing air

I will meet you on the road up yonder

Even if it appears to be when we feast on bread

For one door of earth closes as another opens

In Heaven where promises are fulfilled as spoken


'THAT PATHWAY GOD ALREADY WALKED' was written by Linda Pearly, our associate writer/contributor. Both the picture and the poem have been published with her permission. PULSE Publishing House, UK (copyrighted).

Visit our PULSE Publishing House Store at the secure link: to order Sammy O. Joseph's book: 'You're Not a MISMATCH' as it discusses strategies to help you know that Father God is walking with you on life's uneven terrains. You will find Dr. Sammy Joseph's teachings at

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On my walk a fortnight ago, I witnessed TWO cases of abuse that I’d stopped to intervene quite significantly: One was a schoolboy of about four, who was hitting his mom because he didn’t like the ice cream flavor mom had afforded him.

”Why are you hitting your mom?” I asked!

At first, he felt entitled — and showed no remorse.

“Would you like to apologize to her?”

Still no remorse!

Then I got on one of my knees (on a public street, to just about his eye-level contact, to probe further: “Listen, young sir, I am an authorized abuse reporter; would you like me to call the Police?”

Then, the moment I patiently awaited arrived. His little demeanor changed. He broke down in tears, sobbing!

“Would you like to say sorry to mom now?”

And yet, no apology. Only heavier sobbing and tears! At this time, I understood the mechanics of their relationship: He’s a little burger who gets away with beating his mom, thinking it’s okay. So, I escalated: Got me my paper and pen and demanded his name and school! And that the Police and I will be visiting him in school to request a statement of apology from him. ONLY then did his ‘confido’ spirit break!

The second incident involved two grown-up ladies whom I judged as I walked from quite a distance from behind them, as friends. One had two small grocery bags and the other none. Suddenly, she’d placed both on the ground — and had demanded that the other lady should come to get them as she walked away! The other lady had stood her ground. She kept walking too. So, the two bags were behind them both as I doubled up my pace to see where and how best I could offer help!

“No, it’s alright, she’s my teenage daughter, and Mommy is treating her rightly”, she said as she thanked me!

“Oh, I see, I thought you both were friends!”

“Ah, people say that all the time: I had her at fourteen, but I’m still mum — and rightly so!”

I wouldn't let the beauty of the countryside becloud my God-given sense of judgment:

"Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.

Honor thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise;

That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth."

— Ephesians 6:1-3

Do you recognize the embedded, grave consequences of parental abuse?

a.) Disobedience to your parent(s) - as long as you live under their roof - is evil.

b.) Any act to undermine their authority is demonically controlled and influenced.

c.) If you so desire to be free from the instructive input of your parent(s) in your daily living, then, by all means, man up - or lady up; amicably move out from under their roof WITH THEIR BLESSING! (Don't dare leave in acrimony and bitterness. That won't work in the long run. Don't elope with a lover; that may not end well either. Be very careful to remember that God has placed boundaries surrounding us for our good and betterment. Not contrariwise or otherwise!

d.) Obedience does not mean you cannot clarify instructions, even though it would have been better not to answer/question back. Jesus Christ did not answer back mom Mary or Guardian-dad Joseph (See Luke 2: 41-52).

e.) Obedience is the rightful 'heart-ti-tude' of a child to their parent(s)!


Whether you're a little child or an adult child that has outgrown the nest and has started to live away from home able to adequately support yourself and thrive, God still commands you to honor your parent(s).

To honor someone is to treat them with respect; great esteem. Distinction, Privilege. Tribute. Credit. Importance. Illustriousness. Notability. Esteem, and approbation, to say a few. To dishonor someone, however, is to treat them in reverse. You treat them with utter contempt and disgrace!

The Scripture assures that honoring your parent(s) is the only commandment with promise! The promise? Good, long, prosperous years on earth!


"And, ye fathers, provoke not your child to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." — Ephesians 6:4

Parents MUST be careful to not provoke their children to wrath. That includes - but is not relegated - abuse of any kind. Belittling a young person is also narcissistic parental abuse. Not believing in your child/ward's visions and thus not supporting them in this way is gross. Many patriarchs and matriarchs "observed" or "kept" their child's sayings/words in their hearts. (See Genesis 37:11 & Luke 2:19).

Now, what if the child suffered abuse while they were a child or growing up?

While abuse is never right, and must NEVER be tolerated, every child must be protected from their abuser at all costs! It may be dear to expose the abuser; covering up the abuse/abuser will be much dearer in the long run. You will regret not protecting your child from sexual, psychological, mental, emotional, physical, and financial abuse!

And while you may have been battered, yet, God requests you to honor your parents, regardless of what they may have done to wrong you! It is just for your future good. Heed God's advice today, and secure your future!

That four-year-old little boy and his mother were a classic example of a narcissistic child vs. an empathic, enabling mom! That other fifteen-year-old spoiled brat and her disciplinarian, enforcer, and thirty-year-old mother were together a pretty example of what right, balanced parenting is all about. I hope you would agree with me. let me hear your opinions at ''

#Narcissist #Empath #Parenting #Child #Parents


Written by Dr Sammy JOSEPH. The blog is reminiscent of the teachings from his book You're Not a Mismatch, available at PULSE Publishing House Store: Subscribe freely to our and please, feel free to share. God bless you!

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Updated: Sep 13

Anyone can want a new beginning. You too can have a sparkling, bright, brand-new beginning. But that's not enough. Because desire backed by a resulting positive action to change is the proof of the “want”.

Let's suppose that you’ve circled the base of a treacherous, snow-capped mountain for so long, confused and not discovered the safest and shortest trail to follow in an attempt to reach its frozen summit. You then suddenly remembered you needed a map. So, you visited the local hiking gift shop at the base where you sighted the map of the various trails. Voila! All have been published by a wealthy local who has published the advisory hiking routes. You would be barmy ― to say the least ― to entertain a debate about whether or not you should purchase that map! And now that you're smart enough, you would be way off the mark to have never had it opened for a thoughtful study!

This scenario was the stalling base where close to three million Canaan-bound slaves had been foot-locked. It was by the foot of Mount Seir. They had trodden the well-worn footpaths that had shone with such brilliance from many a moonless night!

The only problem?

They had been circling the base of the mountain encompassing it for such a long while – having ignored the God Who had miraculously broken Pharaoh’s iron grips from off their necks. But then, suddenly, God spoke to Moses: “You have compassed this mountain long enough: Turn you northward" | Deuteronomy 2:3. In an instant, their common cry had been: 'Advance Northward!' May the spirit of your mind also be flooded with God's light so that you would see the plight that had held you captive for so long. The Bible says "the entrance and unfolding of Your words give light; their unfolding gives understanding (discernment and comprehension) to the simple” (Psalms 119:130; Amplified Version).

God's light sets free! Hallelu!

"Many there are today living their lives 'freely' in the societies of the world but who indeed are helpless, hapless, clueless prisoners of their very own minds".

Let me say it again: 'Light sets free!' For instance, even you could be blinded and held captive by the darkness of unforgiveness. Believe me; if you choose to tread the Unforgiveness Blvd; the roots of bitterness would soon undoubtedly fester. And when those roots have deepened long enough in the soil of your heart, the resultant physical manifestations would include body ailments, sicknesses and afflictions. (I would presume that you probably know one or two people who have passed life-imprisonment custodial sentences upon themselves because of grudges, offenses, hurts and grievances held onto!

The light of God also produces abundant joy energy! Hallelujah!!

Here's what the Prophet Jeremiah had discovered:

"Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me

the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name, O Lord

God of hosts"

― Jeremiah 15:16.

Not only does the reception of the word of God positively affect the human spirit, minds, and bodies; but it does also produce unspeakable, indescribable joy full of glory! The prophet Jeremiah discovered this secret after eating the Word!

That joy in turn generates tons of energy from the very depth of the receptive human souls. And we know that wherever energy is generated, there will be no want of fire, heat, light etcetera. These are somewhat the by-products of the light of God’s Word fanned into a fierce, fiery, fire within the chambers of the human spirit! What chains can resist the billowing descent of the fire of the Holy Spirit? There is none that can!

By this fire, curses are broken. Inherited and genealogical disturbances are vaporized. Have you ever seen an uncontainable forest fire in action? It raises to ashes, anything in its pathway!

I am praying that the fire of God’s Word will burn from within your heart today. Let me bring this phenomenon of the Word producing light and fire closer home: Remember those close to three million emancipated, confused Jews at the foot of Mount Seir we earlier read of? They had become dejected, despondent, depressed, defensive and defeated. Life’s disappointments had diluted their resolve to inherit the promised land of Canaan. They were defenseless, weary – and worn out in their minds. But no sooner than Moses had received – and instructed them – God’s word of command to “advance northward” had they experienced a renewed surge of life! Energy had suddenly resumed coursing their red blood cell corpuscles. If there was anyone feeling that deadly, lethargic feeling caused by regrets and disappointments, dis-obedience and wasted opportunities; what they would need is a full dosage of the undiluted, incorruptible, energetic word of God (1 Peter 1:23-25). The Word will produce in them such a tremendous forceful surge in energy caused by God’s light. This light in turn produces optimism, determination, and an inextinguishable strong, fiery passion to think, say and do what is right, always!

You Can't Just Mouth Change You see, you need a determined, purposeful and optimistic heart whose passion is inextinguishable in order to conquer the summit of your quest: The new beginning! You don't just mouth change. You’ve got to possess both the inner strength and courage to want change!

Now, you will not possess that inextinguishable strength and the determination to overcome, for instance, the struggle with an addiction or a family's backlog history of curses by your self-efforts. Only God’s Holy Spirit can muster within you, such incomprehensible strength. And you have your own part to play in that process of your deliverance: Willingness to imbibe the Word! Only then will you become unstoppable.

Thirsty for the Change; Hunger for the Word!

Make that your mantra that births your new beginning! Jesus our Deliverer rendered it thus:

“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they

shall be filled”

Matthew 5:6.


Written adapted for this blog Dr. Sammy JOSEPH from the book: 'Your New Beginning', available at PULSE Publishing House Store: to order. Subscribe freely to our

Also, please feel free to share. God bless you!

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