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If I were an activist of any type, this would be my ‘Salutation’ picture; this picture that accompanies this blog! I’m writing the first of fifteen carefully chosen topics on #DeeperTruths, as I promised to do today and through the month of September. So, stay with me to dig deeper … into TRUTH if you’re a lover of the Truth!

First, you will bear with me for a late return to blogging. Or writing a newsletter since the last one in March. The earlier quarters of 2023 have been extremely busy and fruitful. Yet wisdom in balancing ministry and work-life ethics is in full tow.

Second, grace and help are needed in the areas of volunteers for our ministries in the areas of guest writers, bloggers, and qualified ministers of the grace of God who would love to impact their generation. These are needed to prevent ministerial fatigue and burnout! So, if the Lord lays it upon your heart to volunteer your time, knowledge, and abilities with SJM, then write us and let us know. And we shall be indeed very grateful.

Now to the meat of today's blog: On my flight from Charleston to DFW last week, I was presented with a ‘peeping eye-outlet’ into a popular Christian servant of God who had recently recanted the faith. His name is Tim Sledge.

When Tim underwent spiritual abuse, hypocrisy, and the birth pangs of divorces — he had two; now I’m talking of his second divorce, his whole world came crashing down. PARTICULARLY THE WAY FELLOW BELIEVERS AND LEADERS had festered like a spreading cancer on his wounds: even when he had sought repentance. That had eaten into his conscience and soul! More so, the carcass of whatever was left of his faith!

I pray for you that do not burn out, run out of steam — and ultimately fall!

BUT A MINISTER OF GOD MAY BURN OUT, FALTER, AND FAIL OF THE GRACE OF GOD even though the GOD of grace never fails! And if your minister ‘falls’ — as they probably could or would, please pray for them. Not beat, eat, or devor them up. Remember, leaders are humans, too! And your very self may even become susceptible to ‘falling’ from grace.

Treat a repentant leader the way you’d treat yourself, if you found YOU on the ground!

Now, Tim has turned to humanism. Away from superabundant grace though grace abundantly still avails him!


Lord, I pray for every leader today who is struggling with their faith in you. Or in your abilities. I pray that Your special strengthening angels be sent to them in their weariness. I pray that their faith will not fail when sifted by the crucibles of enemy forces. In Jesus’ name. Amen 🙏

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The ultimate goal of all incarcerated people is to re-enter their pre-prison lives as healthy and productive members of society. However, there are challenges. Prison administration and your chaplain will likely discuss many of these with you, but today’s post shares a few thoughts on things that you must avoid to live your best life on the outside. In a nutshell, here they are:

1. Stop Ignoring the Risk of Recidivism

Recidivism refers to the rate at which people are re-arrested after release and can vary between 23.1% and 31.8%. However, this rate is slightly higher among males, at 25.2%. Understanding your risk may make you more inclined to pay attention to your actions and behaviors post-incarceration!

2. Stop Frequenting the Same Places You Did Before Your Arrest

While we all, of course, want to visit our friends and family, you must understand your triggers, especially if your incarceration revolves around drug or alcohol use. The American Addiction Center asserts that relapses may be circumvented by avoiding these triggers. One of your triggers maybe someone with whom you have an unhealthy relationship. Or possibly a location, such as a mall, neighborhood, or liquor store.

3. Stop Working a Career that Stresses You Out

Many people find it is easier to stay on the proverbial straight and narrow when they’re not stressed out or burnt out from their jobs. Upon your release, you may find that it’s most effective to look for a new career or to start your own business. Look at your skills. If you have experience mowing lawns, for example, consider starting a business doing that. If you're great with numbers, words, or a specific subject, consider working online as a VA, tutor, copywriter, or website designer; each is a low-investment option.

4. Stop Ignoring Your Education

While there does appear to be a correlation between completing high school and going to prison (the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond explains that around 80% of people in prison are high school dropouts or GED recipients). Your current education level is something you can change if you want.

If you are not quite ready to be around others, consider going to school online while you work or acclimate to life on the outside. Look for a school that is affordable so that you can do something you want without overspending.

5. Stop Treating Your Health Like an Afterthought

When you leave prison, you might be acclimated to peanut butter and Ramen, but you have an entire grocery store full of fresh fruits and vegetables, now. Eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep every night. Also, keep your home environment as positive as possible. These simple steps can reduce stress, which may keep you on the best behavior of the new you!

6. Stop Avoiding Hard Conversations

Chances are, if you’ve been incarcerated, there is at least one person that you’ve harmed or done wrong. Make amends with these people, even if it means putting your pride aside and apologizing for your behaviors. If you don’t know how to express yourself, start by taking responsibility and admitting you were wrong. It will also help to determine how the other person felt about your behavior and offer a sincere apology. It’s amazing how much forgiveness and redemption can truly do for the heart and soul.

As you get ready to re-enter the civilian world, there are many things that you have to let go of. From saying goodbye to a job you hate to kicking your pride under the rug and saying you’re sorry, today’s tips can put you in a better mental state to avoid relapse and stay free the way you were meant to be.

The Sammy Joseph Ministries and I are here to spread compassion, help you heal, and thus help generate a thriving community. Please, kindly let us know if you have any questions! You may also order the book authored by Dr. Joseph titled YOU ARE NOT A MISMATCH at the disclosed link beneath.

- Article was written by Dorothy WATSON.


'Six Things You Can't Do When You Regain Your Freedom from Incarceration' was written by Dorothy Watson for our blog page. We hope it has blessed you. While others' works will feature on ours from time to time, guest writers'/bloggers' messages may not necessarily entirely reflect those of our ministries. (The picture is Pexels').

Our book reading suggestion that highlights your self-esteem and mental well-being is 'You're Not a Mismatch'. Visit our PULSE Publishing House store at the secure link: to order this life-changing book. You will also find Dr. Sammy Joseph's teachings at Please subscribe with a click on the notification bell.

WE THANK YOU for your custom.

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"And the LORD smelled a sweet savour, and the LORD said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man's sake; for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more everything living, as I have done.

While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease" | Gen. 8:22-23

Just last week, I noticed the new spring blooms of flowers off-sprouting from our trees in the garden. It was such a delightsome view. New shoots. New scents of the flowers. And then, I noticed what was inconspicuous: The trees had grown taller and had wanted to spread their happy palms!

I will write this blog today, in plain, simple language that everyone can understand. Possibly with no scriptural references other than the one quoted above, if possible. Because many of you are beginning to doubt if God still remembers you - and the promises He made to you many years ago! I am hereby issuing an eviction order to your doubts in the name of the Lord: The true and living God Whom we serve has a strong, impeccable memory. He never eternally forgets His promises and covenants. Men and women may forget what they said, signed, or vowed. But not God.

I think what gets under our skin is how would He do it? Now, if you do not seem to see the 'how', this could be a result of the blindness the daily pressure of living brings with it! And that, by every means, is fine! I said 'fine' because our God is not limited like we are!

Humans are limited in sight, thoughts, insight, foresight, and hindsight. We are made redundant from work, for example, and we suddenly are gripped by fear of how to pay our bills! But the hands that flung the stars into space in their elliptical orbits - with not a single star or planet ever colliding with the other say: "I've got you!"

Listen: God's got you in more ways than you ever could think. He won't let you fall. Never!

Having said that however, He may be re-directing your course(s). Oh yes; ever since time immemorial, God re-directs the courses and/or the pathways of His children. But they must be willing to tread that pathway. Or else, as the Bible says, if they are rebellious and hard to direct/steer - that is stiff-necked - they will dwell in a dry land | Psalms 68:6.

That above aside, the Lord may allow the delay to come upon the ways of life of the saint. Sometimes, to develop their muscles of faith. Or at other times, just because the saints in question are not yet able to comprehend the magnitude of the call/promise. And until they are ready, the manifestation of glory tarries! In other words, God waits upon people's readiness, sometimes.

Other times, manifestation tarries because God is preparing them to prepare the oncoming generation to inherit the promise as was in the cases of David providing all the materials for the building of the Temple, and Moses, preparing Joshua! Do you know why? Because God's covenants often come with the assurance to be transgenerational!

Finally, God in His wisdom permits the devil to sweat the big stuff so that in the end, He can turn each of his caprices into foolishness, and take all the glory. You read of the story of Jesus Christ's resurrection of Lazarus who had been dead and buried, past time, back to life again. And the same power of resurrection by the Spirit of God raised Jesus back to life again on the third day, literally after He too had been crucified, dead, and buried. If God did remember His Son, Jesus Christ, He sure will remember you and I. It's as simple as that! | Compare with Romans 8:11.


'The GOD Who Remembers' was written by Sammy Joseph. (The picture is copyrighted to PULSE Publishing House, UK).

Our book reading suggestion for the month of April is '50 Invaluable Life Lessons.' Visit our PULSE Publishing House store at the secure link: to order this life-changing book. It assures you that you would possess more wisdom — and particularly, understanding if you would dare put into practise, the wisdom disclosed on its pages.

You will also find Dr. Sammy Joseph's teachings at Please subscribe with a click on the notification bell.

WE THANK YOU for your custom.

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