Pulse Publishing House Bookstore

Supply of Christian books at discounted prices worldwide


Harvestways TV

It is the official 'GoodNews-teller’ of the Sammy Joseph Ministries. Here, we broadcast and livestream highly informative programing and teachings that offer relevant solutions to relevant issues based upon the Word of God! 

​Int'l Experience Harvestways Conferences

Where we major on equipping the Saints & Leaders​


SpringUp Conference

 Annual Christian conference in Birmingham, England every third week of March with emphasis on spiritual growth and deepening roots!


Premiered late summer (August) 2021, this is envisioned as the gathering of a jubilant, victorious shout of interdenominational musical/worshipful event of our God!

Lay It Down Conference

An annual, stock-taking, thanksgiving event in the first week of December where testimonies of God's goodness through the year are brought to the fore!