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Intact. Compact. Still in FULL CONTROL!

"GOD is our Refuge and Strength, a very present help in trouble" | Psalms 46:1.

The One true God Who created the Heavens and the earth - and all the planets - is still the same God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow! He says in His Word: "I am God, there is none else; there is no GOD besides Me!" | Isaiah 45:5. In other words, He is still in control. Intact. Compact. And still on His Throne! Nothing troubles Him. And certainly, nothing catches Him unawares!

I might not be aware of your current circumstance, but I pray that this piece of writing encourages you to know that all hopes are not lost on your case. You may be battling with an economic downturn with no hopes in sight for a quick turnaround. Bills are tumbling upon each other with no help/giving hand(s). You fight and struggle with prolonged unemployment or lack of productivity. Or you're struggling with ill-health and no diagnosis or prognosis. Let me remind you, that God is Intact! Compact. Still in full control. He knew you would undergo this, victorious, for He says: "I am Jehovah Rapha, the One that healeth thee" | Exodus 15:26.

Your issue may be the battle with loneliness. Be encouraged. GOD says in His Word: "I will never leave you nor forsake you" | Hebrews 13:5. You are not alone; the intact-compact, still-in-control GOD will keep you together! Loneliness is one of the most insidious, silent killers of modern history. Its morbidity rate is higher than that of cancer. Or even Covid.

Mother Theresa said: "The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved.”

But there is a God in Heaven Who extends His mighty arms towards you today, saying: "I love you. And I care about you!" You do not need to be driven into the arms of a foreign lover. "I am Your Husband" | Isaiah 54:5. This is the GOD our Creator! Be patient with Him. His ways are past finding out, the Scripture says.

I have stories of God's faithfulness that I can tell you from now until eternity. Space and time would not permit me. This GOD has not run out of ideas. He hasn't suffered muscle atrophy. He always is Intact. Compact. And still in control.

Be steadfast and patient. Never let the pressure of your current situation get to your mind! May the ever-steadfast, loving God keep you strong until the perfect day. Amen.

"GOD is our Refuge and Strength, a very present help in trouble" | Psalms 46:1. HE is the Reason why we neither fret nor are dismayed!

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Tammy Schroeder, Manitoba, Canada. Tammy is a Swish Model, an actress, and a Voice Coach. She is also a freelance photographer when not busy at the office. Copyrighted photo used by permission and must not be reproduced, stored, or altered without the written permission of the owner!

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Grace Truth
Grace Truth
Sep 01, 2021

Amen 🌸 God is good always 🌼

Thank you for this word of encouragement.

Unknown member
Sep 02, 2021
Replying to

With all gratitude! Share freely please! Thanks!

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