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Mentors SHOULD Help Facilitate Vision-Attainment

Anyone called of God into the “high calling” of adequately, effectively, representing Heaven to Earthly indigenes must at the very minimum, mandatorily require a pair of “guiding hands” and “seeing-eyes" to help them navigate the treacherous terrains of life’s encounters! If they lacked either, they would likely experience an endless, wander-some, excursion trip down the corridors of the very office(s) they were supposed to execute! The overhead lights on the corridors of such hallways should eventually grow dimmer with the advent of time, as they journey onwards, still, unaided. Additionally, they should eventually — if after a long while of not retracing their steps and locating their Heaven-sent aides — discover that they had indeed allotted irretrievable, precious time to roaming their precincts!

Do you categorize my opening statement above as harsh? I hope not! 

I will even attempt to bring this issue closer home by addressing it in the second-person, singular noun: Should you continue to navigate headstrong, headlong and unaccompanied in your ambassadorial journey, you would travel for a long while without realizing the promise of ever sighting a woodwork-signpost  a functional signpost in the dark, which ought to indicate to you, both the direction and the distance of travel. More favorably though, you may experience others like you who would probably not only wander and beat about the dense, entangling, forest-undergrowth on their journeys but indeed also wonder in disbelief, at how easy it is to be misled in the maze-groves of ministerial callings by everyone else who is also searching for answers that only the God of Heaven could provide! 

Unequivocally, there also avails that indisputable possibility that you would certainly run into the wicked, spiritual coyotes on your expedition! (I've borrowed the word 'coyote' from the smuggling ranks in Central America: They who attempt to smuggle illegal migrants into the United States, through the porous, two-thousand-mile southern border, Mexico shares with the USA.) The illegal services these render, more than often, are accosted with stiff costs and extreme human-violations. This is made possible because the majority of these coyotes are often nothing but human-traffickers who partner with the dangerous drug cartels, gangs, and prostitution rackets en route the journeys to Que Sera, Sera land! 

And just like these ‘illegal elements’ cohabiting the dense forests and cities of the Central American “triangle of fire”, there also exist spiritual coyotes in the dense vineyard of the Lord, camouflaging or forcefully co-existing with the true Body of Christ! These distort, impend, and prey upon the spiritual naiveties of spiritual ‘greenhorns’ in the deep matters regarding true, reverential worship and service of God  and His beloved humanity! 

One thing is certain: God calling upon a life is not confusing! A called-out one should never encounter a beclouding mystery surrounding the call of God upon his/her life! However, anyone called of God would require true, accurate spiritual guidance at all times! The experiences of two or three confidants, and the invaluable expertise, counsel, and ministry of a spiritually-alive, sensitive mentor  these whom I have earlier referred to as the pair of "guiding hands" and "seeing-eyes" — would necessarily be to you what Moses' brother-in-law, Hobab had been to Moses, and the children of Israel, as they had journeyed through the desert of their spiritual journey en route Canaan | Numbers 10:29-36.

If you found my descriptive narrative above to be scary, do not be afraid! I have been sent of God for your enlightenment. I have re-iterated, even this morning, the Heavenly oath undergirding my calling, to be faithful in adjudicating any matter in my jurisprudence as one of Heaven's Ambassadors!  (Excerpt from the preface-page of His Ambassadors, a brand-new book by Dr. Sammy Joseph). 

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