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Pass on the Generosity-Traits

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

My family and I are privileged to have a unique neighbor. Her mom and I are agemates. We moved into our house in the fall of 2005 when she was just thirteen. My family and I were the only people of color in an all-Caucasian neighborhood of those days. The demographical stats have somewhat maintained the status quo. What does it matter if you've got the love of God in your heart; have the joy of the Spirit, possess self-respect, and simply open your mouth to simply say "Morning, Neighbor!" with a joyous smile on your face?

Despite the differences in our ethnicities and backgrounds, Aliyah — not her real name — ensured that no Christmas passed without her duly exchanging gifts with all my five children. She was the good-natured young lady of class, charisma, and phileo love! We did the same —and shared gifts with her and her teenage daughter. We even home-watched theirs if they traveled overseas on short or long hops! Gradually, our sense of communal friendship and camaraderie; mutual respect, and honor had blossomed. Aliyah, then purchased a new home farther into the country, leaving her daughter — call her Sally — and boyfriend, plus their six-year-old granddaughter as our new neighbors! For Heavenly reasons, Sally continues the perpetuation of friendship with us much like her mom Aliyah had done almost two decades ago. My adult children are also transferring the same perpetuation onto Sally's little girl! This set of Brownies was Sally's most recent gift to us: In fact, she bakes anything from Fruit cakes to Carrot cakes, brownies — and all in between. Almost weekly, she shares with us. I wrote on my social media commenting on Sally's generosity thus: "Methinks, if you don’t get to receive bakings from your neighbor, it’s either something is wrong with you. Or them 🙂"

What is the trick?

"There's no trick anywhere. It is a fact that what you do unto others, they will learn to do to you. It is very easy and simple: Whatever relationship types you're involved in, do unto others as you would love for them to do unto you. Goodness and generosity already have embedded in their genetic codings, the law of perpetuation! How you would love others to treat you, sit down and thoughtfully think it through first. THEN, TREAT THEM THAT VERY SAME WAY. And never let that baton rest with you: Pass it onwards!"


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