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Replicas: Heaven's Royalty or Loyalty?

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Were God human, He'd have experienced a confusing moment of choosing between His royalty: The glory of Heaven and the angels  and His loyalty to the glory of the yet unfathomed depths of His created planets, galaxies, the Milky Ways and the Earth! Yet, unquestionably, no other planet had the Creator-God invested His greatest assets into, like our Earth — and its inhabitants!

Without a doubt, therefore, His choice had been unrivaled: The Blue Planet will forever remain very special to Him because of at least these two, uncomplicated reasons: First, the Earth inhabits homo sapiens. That is, human beings! These are essentially spirit-beings, created in the exact replica of God’s spiritual likeness! This truth, the Scripture teaches, in the creation story. When I say 'the creation story', I am deliberately well-intended away from referencing my source from any human theories or theorists like Darwin — and/or other evolutionists. Rather, I am pitching my throw from the Bible, God’s Holy Word: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” | Genesis 1:27 Second, the Earth, at the very beginning had borne the replica of Heaven  God’s dwelling place. It had been the Creator’s mindset that it should resemble Heaven in all semblance, for all eternity! Whichever angle you view it from, God had been pre-consumed with replicating Himself! Notice, I did not write “duplicating”. There is a huge difference between both: The duplication process involves watering down an original piece. And you and I know that God would never be involved in a shady, watered-down, deal! That why He produces replicas! Father-God reproduces replicas of the originality of His purpose through humans! You and I are replicas, not duplicates! We are the replicas of the Almighty, creative, Creator-God! And because He is creative, God allotted extraordinary abilities to gifted and talented humans  thus affording them a great level of ingenuity! Hence, we are geniuses in our gifting and talents! This is a major reason you must not be discouraged at setting your foot onto the pathway of discovering your identity, no matter how rough such a pathway may prove to be. Rather, you must immerse yourself in both the discovery and the mastery of the possible ‘oddities’ embedded with that gift and/talent  no matter how ‘odd’ it may originally present itself to your thoughts!  Do you live like God's replica of royalty and loyalty?  It's high time you began to, today!

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