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The Eagle's Heart Cry!

Feathers of an Eagle flew and settled on a church steeple

His naked solemn cry shouted:

"Where, oh, God are your people?"

My altar is prepared and welcomes every weeping heart

Empty pews without gathering saints. When will they start?"

Priests of holy garments release the fragrance of incense

Have the hearts of my people hardened — and the truth now an offense?

They seek my hand but seldom desire to behold my face

And expect mercy every morning alongside her friend, Grace

The Prophets of Old cried repentance for a dying nation

Is not holiness and deep reverence a lifetime-long temptation?

My invitation is for today as in the times of horse and chariot

There will never be any alteration in my messages or variant

The Eagle saw people walking the streets from a lofted window

Bustling about with cheer and trudging through falling snow

"Lord, they are talking, laughing, and buying holiday gifts

Oh Yes, I know all we could do is pray their priorities will shift

They seem to have more time for things and little for Me

When will they learn that money and people cannot set a soul free?"

Come to Me all who are weary and burdened I will give rest

In the secret place of worship is where your life will be blessed!


The poem by Poet Linda Milano has been published with permission.

PULSE Publishing House, UK (copyrighted).

Visit our PULSE Publishing House Store at to order Sammy O. Joseph's books. You will find his teachings at


On August 21, 2022, at 2pm UK - that is 9am EST - this year's annual WorshipFEST will be broadcast live. Our ministers are Rev. Carol Clarke of Nottingham, UK and Author Michelle Davenport of Missouri, USA.

Register freely by a subscription to HarvestWays on YouTube.

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