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The GOD Who Sees, Hears, and Remembers

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Are you lonely? Rejected? Bashed? Used and dumped away on the dunghill? Has family betrayed you - like most narcissistic members therein do?

Are you even feeling lonely in the midst of a crowd as has been proven possible? Then you're not alone in your thoughts. David the Psalmist wrote: "I am like a pelican of the wilderness; I am like an owl of the desert. I watch and am as a sparrow alone upon the housetop" (Psalms 102:7-8).

Young David was one soul who knew what rejection feels like. Born of a mixed heritage of Jesse the Bethlehemite and an unnamed Moabitess, David's destiny seemed strewn out in the front of his eyes - and all other onlookers'. One major reason for this was that the Moabites - along with at least five other nations - had been accursed of God through the mouth of Moses, His servant because of their meanness to the nomadic nation of Israel whilst they were yet like an aimless group of nomads journeying through the desert!

Soon, his six half-brothers had rejected the outspoken lad. They had also either persuaded or pressured their father Jesse to eject him. He had been banished to the backside of the desert. There, no one would have to ever explain the 'mistake-child' he was! But God had other better plans. At the backside of the desert, feeding just a few sheep, grief was much, but grace was greater. There had been no friends and families to depend upon, but Providence had shown forth, daily. Divine Presence was with him. His sheep began to number into folds; milk and cheese supplies were being sent home to his father and mean-spirited brothers. At night, he sang lullaby to his sheep and they dwelt securely.

Even when the predators had visited uninvited, the erstwhile shepherd-boy had outsmarted them, all by the dint of evident anointing upon his life: A bear had been smothered to death. As much as a lion's jaws had been torn out of its sockets with bare hands! His experiences would become his resume to kill Goliath with just one shot! He would soon be crowned - and have oil poured upon his head - as the next king of Israel!

Who does that, except the God Who sees, hears, and remembers to deliver us?

The Bible says God remembers us in our little estate because of His mercy that endures forevermore (Psalms 136:23).


1. More times than average, God allows souls destined for high places of His choice to pass through excruciating crucibles where they could be molded by His Divine hands alone;

2. Most of the time, if we will yield to God in the midst of our excruciating pains of loneliness, rejection, depression, and hurt; what we are saying is: "LORD, even though I do not know the reasons why I am undergoing these heavy clouds, yet, I will allow you to work through these unpalatable circumstances of my life, to turn me into what you would love to do in me";

3. The Bible says "Weeping endures a night, but joy comes in the morning" (Psalms 30:5). This translates that the pressures of life and sufferings that you are going through are just transient; they are not worthy to be compared with the triumphs and glory that are about to be revealed in you!

4. Your background does NOT matter when God is ready to avail His covenant in and through your life! Hence, do not let anyone abuse or abase you - or your circumstances. Why? Because we serve the God Who sees, hears, and remembers covenants;

5. Even when your father and mother forsake you, God says, I will take you onboard, and look after you;

6. El Roi is the title of the GOD Who sees us, our pains and struggles, plus unfair treatments. He doesn't just notice these, but He provides succor and wells of life for us. He partakes in our pains to deliver us!

If you are hidden away from view somewhere in the backside of a desert, lonely, Lodebah; in any sort of pain or disappointment, know this assuredly that we serve the God Who remembers to deliver us.


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Photo credit: Tiffany Thornton. (Tiffany is a Canadian travel writer; a professional wildlife photographer and newspaper columnist). Copyrighted photo used by permission and must not be reproduced or stored or altered without the written permission of the copyrights holder!

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