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The Journey of a Thousand Miles ...

"The journey of a thousand miles," they say, "starts with a step!" That's an English saying! But, it is nevertheless the truth!

Procrastination and complacency are the robbers of destinies. Laziness in the mind leads to a truncated destiny. Pursuing irrelevancies either in your youth, midlife or in old age would probably be disastrous. Time is of the greater essence in each of our lifetimes!

While the above is true, laziness in the daily distension of body muscles leads to a dis-use. Disuse ensures muscle atrophy! In the end, you would agree with me that the Father-God created both our minds and bodies for work and the glory which is derivative of the dignity of labor and lifetime achievements of goals and desires!

What is the latest achievement that the dignity of labor has earned you? And how does that affect your senses - and personality?
What journey/journeys have you undertaken to get to where you are today?

What atrophy is to the muscles is what shipwreck is to a life decked with fears and doubts. Paralysis of the spirit is a result of the presence of fear within. Whether you're a male or female is irrelevant: When fears and doubts assail, you will be dwelling in a maze of confusion of the mind! Remember, that the Scripture says that God is not the author of confusion. Therefore, we know who that is; the Devil!

Whenever you are stuck in, right there in the mud of decision-making, and are unable to decide which way to take going forward, you know the enemy of your soul is lurking, gleefully. The scripture assures us of God's words: "I will guide thee with Mine eye; I will show you which way you are to go!" Prophet Isaiah heard God clearly speak to his inner ears: "You will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'This is the way, walk in it!' " | Isaiah 30:21.

Then, there are those who are postponing their decision for Christ Jesus. The late American evangelist, Dr. Billy Graham once said: "To fail to decide, is to decide to fail!" How true that is! A decision un-made is a decision already made in favor of time being the ultimate decider. And no one ever had Time decide for them, in their favor!

We come to the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, taking a step of faith. Forward. Towards Him. Not backward. We step out from among worldly peers and a corrupt evil set-up world on our way, Heaven-bound. We live step by step, a day at a time!

We also step forward to be counted in His army, in this modern evil and cruel world. Living a victorious Christian life in the twenty-first century is a commitment of a life of faith, one-step-at-a-time, faithful living in the trust and love and upkeep of the Heavenly Father. And though we cannot see Him, He promises to be with us, all through the way of our journeys onwards!

Take your step of obedience forward, today! For when you get Home, a big banqueting WELCOME awaits you!

Photo credit: Gigi Rosignol, Paris, Ontario, Canada. Copyrighted photo used by permission and must not be reproduced, stored, or altered without the written permission of the owner!

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