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The Kiss of Betrayal

Updated: May 20, 2021

That lover-boy may have been squashed with affection, right? Look again. Looks and feelings may be fleeting! When Jesus had been sun-kissed by the traitor, Judas, the Master had NOT been fooled. He had anticipated Judas' dumb move. He had acquainted himself with the expected pain in the heart.

There's a pain caused to the heart by the betrayal that could be fatal if care is not taken. To acquiesce to the lie that there is no pain - or minimal pain caused by betrayal is to deny the truth. Because:

First, a betrayal can only be caused by someone whom you have reposed your trust and confidence in; an insider. Not a stranger!

Second, betrayal is a stab in the back!

Three, betrayal can be caused by a narcissist whom you know, and are trying to get away from. And if he/she outsmarts you and succeeded in committing a crime, the guilt and the taint of being blind-spotted remains with you for the rest of your life!

Four, if the betrayal was about a cheating spouse who remains a liar and in denial, it may be as a result of some other factors much more visible to more than the naked eye can see. (And may need a psychiatrist's evaluation); and,

Five, if it is a marital betrayal, there is more than just the usual risk of contracting STDs or other general diseases; a good check-up may be in tow!

Six, if you are being betrayed currently, it is time to stand back, pull away, and conduct some soul-searching to finding your true worth. It would be wrong of you to keep believing that a cheater, for example, would change. They hardly change. In the same strand, it would be foolhardy of you to believe the lies a domestic violent abuser has fed your head/mind/ears. YOU DESERVE MORE THAN THE LIES AND THE CONTROL GAME OF THE MANIPULATOR!

A kiss of betrayal often comes with the pain of the same: Betrayal is one of the most hideous sins that could be committed against a creature of love, whoever or whatever that creature is. Its wounds run deep. Very deep, if you escape serious harm or the loss of your life!

Pray to the Creator of Heaven and Earth and the Universe, this day, to protect your heart, mind, soul, and body from harm's way due to the adversarial torment of betrayal. And the Betrayer!

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