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50 INVALUABLE LIFE-LESSONS I've Learned in 50 Years

SKU: 978-0-9567298-6-6
  • 50 INVALUABLE LIFE-LESSONS I've Learned in 50 Years (General Readership) is a collection of carefully picked and arranged story-topics thoroughly executed by the maestro pen of the author upon his turning half a century, March 2018. As he has rightly noted, it is slightly difficult to discuss in deep details, every topic he has garnered experience upon in fifty years, in a single project. But he does assure you that you would possess more wisdom — and particularly, understanding, if you would dare put into practise, the wisdom disclosed on the pages of this commemorative work. 


    Language: English

    Series: General Readership
    Published by PULSE PUBLISHING HOUSE, England, U.K. (Religious, Spiritual, Christian Life - Relationships, Family & Ministerial Relationships/Counseling, Wisdom, Guidance).
    ISBN: 978-0-9567298-6-6

    Author: Dr. Sammy O. Joseph
    Released: January 14, 2019.

    Selling Price: £12.99 includes shipping & handling.

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