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SKU: 978-0-9567298-3-5
  • This is Dr. Sammy Joseph's foremost book on RELATIONSHIPS!


    In such a day and an age when sincere gifts are rarely offered, rarely exchanged, and rarely received, you will find appreciable hints within the pages of this book that will serve as guideposts on the parameters of offering, accepting, cherishing, maintaining - and abounding in gifts!

    The author addresses issues that include: Finding lasting healing from rejection, broken-heartedness, and bereavement through God's Father-heart, Accepting healthy restoration, Nurturing the gift of friendliness and friendship, Rekindling friendship and romance in marital relationships - and learning the art of giving and receiving the gift of sex, sexuality, and romance in committed relationships, and; Cultivating the habits of thanksgiving and gratitude.

    Pages: 186
    Cover: Paperback 
    Published by PULSE PUBLISHING HOUSE, England, U.K.

    (Religious, Spiritual, Christian Life - Relationships, Family & Marital Relationships/Counseling, Interpersonal Relationships).
    ISBN: 978-0-9567298-3-5
    Author: Dr. Sammy O. Joseph
    Released: November 30, 2012.

    Selling Price: £13.99 includes shipping & handling.

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