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The Good Dad

SKU: 978-0-310-33179-7
  • James Daly is the President and CEO of Focus on the Family. Isn't it sweetly ironic - and so reminiscent of the God Who loves to surprise us - that the Director of the leading organization on the family turned out to be a guy whose own background as a kid and son were pretty messed up? Or could it be that successful parenting is discovered not in the perfect, peaceful household but in the midst of struggles and messy situations, where God must constantly be called to the scene? That is the mystery unraveled in this book.

    Purchase this wonderful book to learn more about this mystery. Give as perfect gifts to every male in your life: Father, husband, son, brother, uncle, and Grandfather!

    Selling Price: £14.49 includes shipping & handling.

    The Good Dad, Copyrights 2014, James Daly

    Zondervan Publishers, U.S.A.

    Pages: 221

    ISBN: 978-0-310-33179-7

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