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Affixing labels, numbers and digits on objects may not be inherently wrong, generally speaking; but when they have been employed for derogatory purposes, I may have to become the very first to confidently shoot my right hand up into the air, well above my head and demand logical explanations as to why that should be!

My message to you therefore is simple: your adverse life experiences or circumstances do not make you irrelevant. In my view, no one should label themselves as “irrelevant” or “mismatched”, let alone adopt that defeatist mental attitude of viewing themselves as already defeated. No matter your background, color, ethnicity or creed, the Creator has your very name written in the palms of His hands – and calls you by that name. You are not a misfit. You are not mismatched; strength yet avails for your emancipation.

It is with that heart to both prevent and unbind any possible heavy laden you carry that this book has been written. It will be found useful in counseling and rehabilitative therapy of emotional healing, until a full restoration is achieved! I hugely anticipate it turns out exactly as tailored to meet your highest expectations – and indeed, surpass those expectations beyond imaginable success!

You're Not a Mismatch

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