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A new beginning doesn’t just show up. Success doesn’t just arrive on anybody’s laps; it only will arrive as a result of a deliberate, changed mindset. In this piece, the author makes the receptivity of the Word of God the catalyst to the change that births your desired new beginning. Says he: “Whenever or wherever occurs the reception of the words of the Lord into a human spirit, there is illumination … And not only illumination but warmth, glow, radiance, heat and fire that purges!”

"Thirsty for the Change; Hunger for the Word!"

Make that your mantra that births your new beginning! This entire writing will set you on that pathway to a new you! 

Pages: 74
Cover: Paperback & e-Pub (Religious, Spiritual, Christian Growth).
ISBN: 978-0-9567298-8-0
Author: Dr. Sammy O. Joseph

Your New Beginning

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