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Dealing with Disrespect, Unbelief, and Disbelief in the Immediate family of a Servant of God

Would you too want to know how to put the Devil to flight concerning these matters mentioned in the topic? Because you see, there is a specific flight-path meant for him to tow once you understand how to effectively harm him with the sword of the Spirit. If you want to know what to do without getting bogged down by these harmful darts of the enemy, then read on ...

There is the pernicious danger posed by the unbelief of a servant of God’s close relatives. Without a doubt, the utter damage to faith gets done by the disrespect, disbelief, or the unbelief of the very people who are of the same nativity as a minister: They who barter faith for unbelief on the cheapest platter, as had been demonstrated through the irresponsibility of the brothers and sisters of the Lord — the ‘fellow-citizens of humble Nazareth!’

Not just the unbelieving family members alone who would readily become distensible extensions of the Enemy’s fishing net-pole, those ‘fire-spitting’ believers in whose unbelieving hearts harbor a tirade of abuse aimed at the Christos in their midst once he/she refuses to accord them the benefits of their purported ways! Close-range, ricochet-attacks usually arise from siblings, or extended family members: Cousins, second-cousins, uncles and aunties, nephews and nieces; acquaintances, class/work-mates, distant friends, and/or strangers also could readily become idle tools in the demons’ vicinity!

Israel’s cousins, the Ammonites, and the Moabites had attempted to mercilessly strangulate her purpose. Jesus’ four half-brothers — and at least two, half-sisters — had flatly, dishonorably antagonized His Heavenly authority as they had lived in the same house, and had possibly shared the same table. Their undue, disproportionate, insulting references to Him, I could measure as not lesser than a thousand kilograms! Little wonder, they had stumbled at the Grace of God, purposely sent for their emancipation. Their eternal damnation had been steeply set dangling upon the cliffhanger that had protruded atop Hell until the Resurrected Jesus Whom they had so personally and privately dishonored had outreached to them, on a private, one-on-one basis!

This, then, is ‘how-to’ put the Devil onto his flight-path: ”Instruct your mind to resist every pressure he impresses upon it with the Word of God on your lips.” You resist him by speaking audibly to his eavesdropping ears: "It is written, ______________ Therefore, Satan, get lost!" Then, you go ahead with your day's mission! It's that simple, trust me!

Are you a disreputable, dishonoring family member of a Heavenly Ambassador?

Do you know anyone engaged in rustic disbelief of the anointing of God upon a holy vessel? One who needed to read this — and be sternly warned, before they traverse the pernicious milepost?

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