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Doing the Father's Bidding from the Heart Even in the Midst of UNCERTAINTY!

I am not a doomsday prophet, but I'd love for you to be forewarned, and thus fore-armed! Fore-armed against the notorious thought that answering the call of God - or doing the bidding of the Father from the heart - leaves you a foolproof guarantee and assurances that you would inherit the promise. Or that you would NEVER face nagging, troublesome issues! Far from it! Instead, please note crucially that EVERYONE called of God certainly undergoes a crucial junction in their life's journeys with the eternal God! This junction is the Valley of Uncertainties.

Valleys of Uncertainties are best summed up in David's description in Psalms 74:9 where David says: 1.) His signs from God had all but disappeared. 2.) There is no more prophet sent, and, 3.) He didn't know for sure how long until the light will be shed from above in light of the current predicament!

Joseph encountered his Valleys of Uncertainties many times before receiving the promise. Ruth settled it in her heart to seek the eternal welfare of her mother-in-law, Naomi, and look after her in her old age. When they both had arrived Bethlehem - the house of Bread - and had been hungry and famished, the young lady did not bolt back, and away to Moab. Rather, she chose to listen to the wise counsel of her aged mentor! David too had followed the instruction of Jesse his father, to go look after the well-being of his brothers at the war-front when destiny would have him hear the empty boasting of the Giant Goliath. That encountered had changed his little life. but then, when Saul would chase him into the deserts for so many years, looking to murder him, David had cried out "What is my sin? What have I don't, that the whole King of Israel would love to have me put to death for?" Jesus Christ too had almost buckled at the weight of His imminent death upon the cross. He had prayed: "Father, if it's only possible that you let this cup pass over me; nevertheless, not my will, but yours be done!"


1.) Be proven in the perfect will of God (Romans 12:2); and,

2.) Commit your soul unto the hands of the Righteous Judge that judges righteously (1Peter 2;19-24).

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We thank you!

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Unknown member
May 12, 2021

GOD is the God Who sees Me: El Roi!

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