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GOD is Our REFUGE and STRENGTH in the Midst of All the Hullabaloo!

Who again could better tell of the invincible strength of the Almighty God and the incomparable protection that He offers us the young shepherd boy, David? Sometimes, we lose focus of what our battle-cry ought to be when we see the blink-shots of the opposition the enemy parades against us! But NOT young David! He knew Whose praises he should sing/cry.

David did not fear because of the size of the bear, the killer-formidability of the predatory lion, the towering size of Goliath, or the mighty forces of the heathen lands that had dared warred against Israel. Let the devil roar. Let the heathen boil. Let the earth be thumped into the sea; yet, "we will NOT fear" David wrote in Psalms 46.

A lot has become stacked up against our modern world since the discovery of the Coronavirus. Many thousands have passed since its onslaught. Many businesses have closed and will never again re-open. But we will stand victorious because of His mercies. He will never forget to shield, protect and provide for us.

Our prayers are with those who have lost loved ones. Our eyes shall continually be raised up to the Throne above in Heaven, for our sustenance. We completely refuse to bow to the pressures of the times or the Devil only because of HE Who sits upon the Throne! Halleluyah!!

In the third week of March 2021, we shall yet again extol His banner. We invite you to join us for this virtual event. It shall be glorious. register freely today at HarvestWays.Org. Then, share with as many family members and friends as you would love to experience the supernatural presence and power of our REFUGE and STRENGTH! 

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