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If You Encounter a Christian Leader Whose Faith Was About to FAIL!

If I were an activist of any type, this would be my ‘Salutation’ picture; this picture that accompanies this blog! I’m writing the first of fifteen carefully chosen topics on #DeeperTruths, as I promised to do today and through the month of September. So, stay with me to dig deeper … into TRUTH if you’re a lover of the Truth!

First, you will bear with me for a late return to blogging. Or writing a newsletter since the last one in March. The earlier quarters of 2023 have been extremely busy and fruitful. Yet wisdom in balancing ministry and work-life ethics is in full tow.

Second, grace and help are needed in the areas of volunteers for our ministries in the areas of guest writers, bloggers, and qualified ministers of the grace of God who would love to impact their generation. These are needed to prevent ministerial fatigue and burnout! So, if the Lord lays it upon your heart to volunteer your time, knowledge, and abilities with SJM, then write us and let us know. And we shall be indeed very grateful.

Now to the meat of today's blog: On my flight from Charleston to DFW last week, I was presented with a ‘peeping eye-outlet’ into a popular Christian servant of God who had recently recanted the faith. His name is Tim Sledge.

When Tim underwent spiritual abuse, hypocrisy, and the birth pangs of divorces — he had two; now I’m talking of his second divorce, his whole world came crashing down. PARTICULARLY THE WAY FELLOW BELIEVERS AND LEADERS had festered like a spreading cancer on his wounds: even when he had sought repentance. That had eaten into his conscience and soul! More so, the carcass of whatever was left of his faith!

I pray for you that do not burn out, run out of steam — and ultimately fall!

BUT A MINISTER OF GOD MAY BURN OUT, FALTER, AND FAIL OF THE GRACE OF GOD even though the GOD of grace never fails! And if your minister ‘falls’ — as they probably could or would, please pray for them. Not beat, eat, or devor them up. Remember, leaders are humans, too! And your very self may even become susceptible to ‘falling’ from grace.

Treat a repentant leader the way you’d treat yourself, if you found YOU on the ground!

Now, Tim has turned to humanism. Away from superabundant grace though grace abundantly still avails him!


Lord, I pray for every leader today who is struggling with their faith in you. Or in your abilities. I pray that Your special strengthening angels be sent to them in their weariness. I pray that their faith will not fail when sifted by the crucibles of enemy forces. In Jesus’ name. Amen 🙏

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