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Pollens, Pollinators, and Productivity!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

In the United Kingdom, the pollen index - among other things - is used by biologists, scientists, farmers, and indeed weather forecasters (in the latter case), to warn us of the readiness to prepare to protect the noses of chronic breathing diseases-sufferers!

Pollen can cause great irritation and 'dis-easements' to sensitive noses and nostrils in particular. Various irritability types such as nose-bleeding, wheezes, sneezing, hayfever, and other mild to severe reactions in asthmatic sufferers! Pollen counts vary in intensity from region to region, and area to area. City-dwellers for instance, are less likely to be impacted as dwellers of the countryside. I happen to love the countryside where I live! It is far much more peaceful and relatively quieter than the city. In my garden, for example, in the 'pollen months', all kinds of pollinators visit. They fly, hum, and buzz around our American Falstaff apple tree - and its British Braeburn contemporary. We also have the succulent British pear tree whose luxuriant foliages cool us down when the summer's sun is highest. All that I have just described happen between the seasons: spring and summer. In the same way, God chooses to release pollinators into our lives in His due seasons of life. That's how He works: In seasons. Not in time-piece-kept times.

"Hence, you and I must release/produce pollens! It is your responsibility and mine to make sure that we both ready/ripen our pollens for the visitation of the pollinators!"

Pollinator examples are bees, butterflies, and other insects. Even humans are pollinators to some plants and fruit-bearing trees! A pollinator is an agent or reproduction; an essential agent for that matter that helps transmit/carry pollen from the male part of the flower (called in Biology, stamen) to the female part named stigma so that fertilization can take place. And a fruit formed!

God wants us to bear fruits. And abundantly (John 15). But just as the male gamete alone is not able to bring forth fruit without connecting with the female gamete to form a zygote, so also can we NOT bring forth fruits except we are pollinated by God's agents, the Heavenly pollinators.

Angels, for example, are ministering spirits sent forth to minister to the heirs of salvation. Other human angeloi are practically human beings whom God had reserved or instructed to bring you fruitfulness. For instance, that Egyptian soldier left to die by his Amalekite commander in the desert because he had fallen ill and whom David's soldiers had happened upon in finding the marauding troops that had seized his and his soldiers' wives and children from Ziklag had been a human angeloi to David. He would soon show them the way to fall upon the entre Amalekites. But not only that, he would become an Israeli citizen and a soldier in David's army, the army of the Lord! Read 1 Samuel 30. Or the widow of Zarepath and the Prophet Elijah in 1 Kings 17:7-16

The main reason the Spirit of God had asked me to pen these words is simple: 'Ask your readers, who they are, bees (or pollinators) unto?'

Are you a pollinator to anyone? Or a distraction. Or perhaps a squirrel that scuttles past the pollens, shakes the branches, eats the activities of another pollinator; buries the conkers and hops from branch to branch? Are you burying your helping hands? You are likely going to suffer spiritual atrophy due to dis-use!

Proverbs 3:27 instructs you to NOT withhold from your hand when it is in your reachability to help. King Solomon says do not say to your neighbor that came asking of you, 'Go, and come back tomorrow, when indeed you have it in your wallet!'

Then there are those calloused trees that are resistant to the many common agents of pollination. These are suspicious and distrusting anyone the good Lord sends their way to help them lest they be taken advantage of. It's like they are saying: 'Leave me alone and pass me by; I'm still hurting from my past, and I cannot trust you!' Such will only have themselves to blame when they get to Heaven only to see the many opportunities that would have yielded unto fruitfulness for God's Kingdom, waved over and dismissed with an atrocious, unbelieving wave of the hand!

Photo credit: Jobyna Dawson originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada who now resides in Liverpool, England is a freelance photographer when away from her day-job. Copyrighted photo used by permission and must not be reproduced, stored, or altered without the written permission of the owner! Reach her on Instagram at @vis2020ion

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