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That Pathway GOD Already Walked!

Your style may be shoes, mine, boots

It matters little so long as we both will bear fruit

Joyfully serving the same Master

And although one walks slower, and another a bit faster

You say ‘hello’ and I say ‘howdy’

We join our souls under skies made perfect by the grace of GOD

Though made imperfect by our life's toils

Yet, in every journey, GOD already has trodden ahead of us!

Even if to the wandering brawler it sounds odd

Words mean little while our actions speak

As feeble hands find strength once, oh, so weak

You may wear a suit as I wear tattooed skin

By His loving grace, we are both forgiven of sins

And growing at His pace

As we put on kindness and others see our Jesus

This kindness walks softly as it writes on men's hearts heavenly thesis

That 'life is a journey that must be traveled'

Even if questions leave our faith forever baffled

He leads a way for the strong and able

And carries those who are broken and disabled

Our appearances may look very different

But there dwells just One who is never ignorant

He is the God of the countryman

And for the city boy too, He forewrote His plans

We will never pass this way again

May our works speak what He authored with His pen

Because every heart needs love and care

Just as the rich and poor have lungs needing air

I will meet you on the road up yonder

Even if it appears to be when we feast on bread

For one door of earth closes as another opens

In Heaven where promises are fulfilled as spoken


'THAT PATHWAY GOD ALREADY WALKED' was written by Linda Pearly, our associate writer/contributor. Both the picture and the poem have been published with her permission. PULSE Publishing House, UK (copyrighted).

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