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The OAK Tree: Symbol of Strength, Depth, Width, and Height!

The majestic OAK. The symbol of the strength of character, depth of in-depth wisdom, the width of magnanimity, and soaring height towers of grace. These are the attributes the Holy Spirit would encourage each of His children to possess - as the days turn into weeks. weeks into months. And months into years.

Why is this so?

This is because the oak tree is a symbol of majestic strength. It stands in a world of its own. It is formidable and grows through the years of hardship and adversity. It weathers the storms that blew others away. So, so much expectation is laid upon the Oak.

Dear Oak-christian, God has endowed you with much! Just because .... one of the "just-because" is the truth that you will encounter the brambles and spikey-shrubs in your growth of life, some of which will endeavor to spike and draw carvings on you. Some will do this out of spite; others, out of ignorance. Whatever the adversity you encounter is called, remember you are not another tree. Your roots are given to you to draw sap for any that would be engrafted into you. This is your destiny: Be not afraid, you will NEVER run dry.

Therefore, be compassionate. Be kind. Be gentle with other shrubs and trees of lesser girth and width than you. Be understanding. Be accommodating. Be slow to speak and quick-footed on the brake-pedal to spare the lives of emergencies that cross your pathway of travel. God will help you. God will preserve you. And if your branch has fallen on another, please, re-visit the incident, and foster His peace, your peace!

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