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What Do You See?

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

We’ve either been brought up that way or societal expectations have tutored us well; yet this is the harsh reality: Encounter anything that has been scratched, cracked, broken or damaged – and we drop or dump it in a jiffy! Learning how or why it bears its less-than-perfect distinguishing scar is of primary non-importance.

Just a little over two decades ago, I had gone shopping with my older daughter at her favorite store. From the corner of my eye, I had witnessed her pick a carton of eggs without first checking its contents – as she had been taught. "Oh-la-la-aa-a,” I had muttered, as I instinctively reached out to flip open the plastic egg carton's encasement in her hands. Confirming my worst expectation, there it was smiling at us both, a widely cracked shell! With a mouth ajar and a bulging pair of lovely eyes like mine, I had motioned her with a nod of the head: “D-U-M-P the carton – and pick another!”

Now, while my instinctive reaction may have been earthly and economically sound; it certainly was not heavenly and spiritually tenable to our loving Heavenly Father - the Father of spirits.

When life has you scratched, cracked, broken and damaged – guess people's instinctual reaction? Many would dump – and wash their hands off you with the quickest alacrity! They possibly would not want anything to do with you. Others would throw you into the bin, condemned to rot and degenerate in a destination waste yard! If you were already sat glued onto a hot stove's plate, they would rather wish that you be sent to hell to roast!

What happened to us? And why are we like this? Where is human empathy? Where are our bowels of compassion on any who seems more broken than us?

One major mistake the unregenerate man makes is his/her failure to realize that no human is an economical good. Plainly expressed, no human is just human! I know that rocks your foundation to its roots; but the truth is: humans are essentially spirit beings! We had better be very conscientious about how we treat other 'spirit-beings' – that we do not incur unvoiced wrath from the Almighty!

Have you ever been "scratched", "cracked", "abused", "broken", or "damaged"? Do you know any who has been forsaken and neglected, ‘dumped' in the bin like a soiled Huggies pamper?

I have Good News for you: You're a part of God's remnant!



Toward the end of the year 2022, God opened my ears to hear Him say that He would use His remnants on the Earth to do exploits in these last days! He asked me to preach, teach, write and emphasize this move of the Holy Spirit.

Who is a remnant of God?

God's remnant includes anyone who has been brow-beaten, scratched, cracked, and broken. It doesn't matter what had broken them. These are the poor in spirit whom Jesus in His sermon on the Mount had attributed the belonging of the Kingdom of God unto | Matthew 5:3.

And He promises to restore such.

Remnants are basically fragments. Fractions. Broken from a whole! Did you read that? Remnants were broken from a Whole. Father-GOD is the Whole. Remnants are the residual from the Whole: Like the ram caught in the thicket as a substitute for Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac. That was God's remnant to the man of faith for His obedience to God. The Bible says that God is the Rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.

Are you ready for a massive build-up in your lifetime? then, this message concerning the remnants is just for you!

Not only would God restore His remnants, but He also causes the fragments to be gathered and not go to waste. Do you remember the story of Jesus' miracle of feeding the multitude near Bethsaida? There were left twelve huge baskets that He had asked the disciples to take to the boy's family as a reward for His simple, child-like faith to entrust His little into His hands. Let me give you an instance. Early wee hours of October 19, 2022, I embarked upon a vessel to an African nation. I had been sent there on a strict, Jeremiah's vision to "uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant" | Jeremiah 1:9.

Five weeks later, on the day of the completion of my assignment as I arrived the airport to return home, Father-GOD rewarded me with the opening of my eyes to see into the next monumental call of God for my life! I can only share with you what I have witnessed God do with this His remnant in His grace.

You are next: Your brokenness will be scars of beauty in no time. Your fragments will be re-gathered. God is about to do exceedingly abundant, much more than we can ask, or imagine, by the power that is at work within us!

Do you receive these words?


'What Do You See?' was written by Sammy Joseph. The piece has been condensed into a blog from the author's book: Appreciable Gifts.

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1 comentário

A mighty piece of preaching, Pastor Sammy.

This message is very APT, ie:




Yes, we are all broken fragments, damaged and worthless in ourselves.

Thank God for our saviour Jesus, who offers us wholeness, healing and hope!

May God continue to bless your family, your ministry and yourself.

Keepup your good work in his name, for his kingdom!

Bro Rob and Sis Marian

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