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Scripture says that the disciples — who for the reason of this blog I will refer to as witnesses — had obeyed Jesus' instruction to "Go forth into all the world and preach the Gospel", the Great Commission!

If these faithful disciples of old had gone forth sharing the Good News of the Kingdom, what prevents us of this generation from advancing the same message — even with all the advantages modern telecommunications and gadgets present us? 

Here's what I've noticed is missing in our generation: A lack of wholesome enthusiasm embracing the platform Jesus Christ had bequeathed to us! Our earlier compatriots had unlike us, fully owned the platform that the Lord Jesus, had inherited for them! He had commanded them  as He does us today: “Take ownership of the platform I have created for you!” 

What platform could that be? 

It is the platform of outreaching to the entire, whole, wide world, ripe for harvests of men's souls “white; already to harvest” with the personal stories of victory we have experienced in Him. These stories ultimately become our stories. Our own platforms. (John 4:35). Even thus, the Spirit of Christ unequivocally awakens you:

“Sammy, spare not your energies towards the things concerning My Kingdom!" “Janet, spare not; tell about My restorative grace that restored you from the domestic, violent, narcissistic abuse you had suffered! be not ashamed to tell that I redeemed you!” “Jake, embrace your past mess. I have turned it into your message. be My mouthpiece to your world, of the saving grace that had saved you from the painful years of substance and chemical abuse!” “Isabella,  outreach the entire world with the talents that I endowed you with!”

Put both your two or all three given names here, and address your soul: “______   _______   ______, get up in the name of Jesus Christ, embrace your platform and minister the grace of God available in the Good News of My Gospel!" I mean, you literally speak out audibly to yourself! Command your spirit to command your soul to command your body to heed and obey the Great Commission!

And didn’t I just hear someone, still reticent; and complaining? You’ve just thought half aloud: It’s easier for you Sammy because you’re educated. You’ve got some degrees! But I haven’t got one. I never even attended a College or a University. I’m as bare as a stone! 

No, you are not! 

Do you see how through such a demeaning thought Satan frustrates God’s plan for lives? The bad guy insinuates: “You’re not educated!” “You are not tall enough!” “You have not this, you’ve not that!” 

Maybe the Holy Spirit is actually, therefore, urging you to arise, and apply to Colleges or Universities of Education for admission so that you too can obtain a degree? You've got to make yourself viable: Age should not be a barrier to your “going forth” — and sharing the Gospel! Could it be that the Holy Spirit is challenging you in the spirit of your mind to arise and empower yourself, thus making yourself more relevant to be able to reach your world? But Satan will dissuade you from obeying the simple nudge of God’s Spirit! He will distract your mind from being able to prove that which is good, and acceptable, perfect will of God for your life | Romans 12:2. He will discourage your mind through various tactics of suggestions of either inferiority or insecurities. He will also dissuade you from pursuing wholesomeness by intimidation! The Enemy also uses “the works of the flesh” to side-track destinies. Or he may employ the use of the malignant tool of depression, confusion of the mind, or the illogical workings of the thoughts of the mind. Alternatively, he may simply tug on your laziness! 

Look, Satan has a plethora of stingers to choose from through which he could deflect your destiny, and prevent you from achieving God’s express purpose on the Earth! And if he lacked your exact match, he usually would engage whichever tool you are most susceptible to, to prevent you from becoming knowledgeable, trained, equipped, and deployed to further launch devastating, destructive attacks against his already-weakened structures! 

Yes, Satan’s demonic structures and strongholds are weakened through the assailing assaults of God’s Heavenly Ambassadors each passing day! The King of Heaven will never honor the excuses, but the saint’s availability! God does not usually call the qualified, but He qualifies the called! 

No university enrolled me to learn to either preach or write and publish books, but God’s Holy Spirit! Yet, by His grace, I have read from varied, countless readership audiences from across the world, who in the quiet of their own spaces had heard God expressly speak to them through the contents of the books I have been privileged to write! Truth be told, you will not discover the influencing power of the platform bequeathed unto you by Heaven until you have first owned not just the platform, but also the responsibility of your allegiance to obey the command: “Go into the world and preach the Gospel …"

Are you called of God? 

Are you sensitive enough to listen to His voice? Then, don't even turn yourself away from your launching pad, your platform. Remember, Jesus bequeathed that victory to you. Embrace it and launch out from on it, today!

(An excerpt adapted for this blog site from Dr. Sammy Joseph's new book:  'Heaven's Ambassadors', used by the author's permission! To learn more about the 'Essentials of the Gospel', order your copies of this masterpiece from HarvestWays.Org  or anywhere books are sold worldwide online and otherwise. Thank you on behalf of the PULSE Publishing House, U.K.)

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The Royal African Company was a name I’m sure, was never mentioned in Black History lessons to millions of black children attending history classes, worldwide! Founded in 1660, it had disguised as a company that would trade in cotton and wool! It had passed with its registration documents with the body responsible for registering companies in England and Wales of those days. 

But the question that had kept my thoughts baffled for all these years I had become a personal, moral-thinking agent remains: "Do you find wool tropical climates, on the coast of West Africa? Or are its indigenous peoples, sheep?" 

The country of Nigeria had been responsible for his evil company had been led by a member of the Royal Family — who had eventually become the King of England. 

The safest assumption is that if you're a person of African descent anywhere you are in the world, your ancestry is either originally, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Sierra Leonian, Cameroonian, and possibly Angolan, in that order. Atlantic slave trade had begun late in the 1400s in Nigeria. But the Arabs had earlier followed the Sub-Saharan trade routes on camels to loot northern and sub-Saharan Africa. RAC had nested in Lagos, Nigeria. RAC had been led by a member of the Royal Family — who had eventually become the King of England. Its atrocities on the ground in West Africa, shipping millions of slaves away from the shores of Africa cannot go unmentioned. The slave company had been buoyed by the illiteracy and wickedness of the Nigerian chiefs and traditional elders who had bullied and suppressed their people to conform with the narcissistic slave-trade conditions. Children, adults, uncles, and nephews in entire villages had been forcefully gathered had been abducted under the command of the ruling chief who himself had been a puppet of the slave-masters or traders. Miniature articles like a staff of rulership, a standing mirror or looking glass, a fire-lighter which had replaced the striking of stones to produce sparks, had been used to lure the ignoramus chief-elder into an exchange of his citizens. this was the first betrayal of the tradesmen.

The second betrayal came with the persuasion of the British upon the traditional elders to replace their traditional means of rulership of their people with Indirect Rule. With this rule, the British understudied the weaknesses in the African, and thereby appointed Lords and Governors who had lorded the Divide and Rule approach of governing style. Now, it was easier to mine the gold in Ghana, freely; and harvest the rich crops of cocoa, groundnuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and rubber, to say a few. And of course, many more slaves kept on being sold by the wicked Africans. 

The third betrayal occurred when the white slavemasters who by this time had established themselves fatly over the people and had appointed regional, indigenous, under-clerks had issued rum, fine muslin woven cloth-articles, or refined industrial products, horses, military aristocracy, guns and ammunition to complying chiefs in the hinterlands, to 'harvest' more slaves, still. The major complicit countries are on the coast of West Africa: starting with the furthest, Angola, to the shores of Cameroon. Slaves from these countries were few and far in between. They had been shipped to the market collection port of Calabar in South-eastern Nigeria. That was one of two of the major ports that had shipped slaves out to the West, the North Atlantic, and the Americas.

The population in the coastal settlements in Nigeria had been teeming. So, another more huge port in Epe, near Badagry close to Lagos had been founded. And since the waters of Elmina, Ghana had been more stable from the onslaught of the peril of tidal waves, two huge white castles had been built within an eyesight's view, booming for business. I have been to Elmina, Ghana to see for myself. You should go and see too if you're a person of African descent.

So, I have identified thus far, the key player-countries whose traditional leaders, chiefs, and kings had colluded with the white slave-master to establish the fleecing' business of shipping the African out against their will, to the unknown outside world. the last country notoriously know was in Freetown, Sierra Leone, where the castle is built to hold the slaves who would be re-sold, and then shipped through the Passage of No Return. Of about 12.5 million slaves stolen and shipped away from Africa, Nigeria alone accounted for about 3.5 million of these.

WHETHER CAUCASIAN OR AFRICAN, REPENT OF THE INIQUITY OF YOUR FORE-FATHERS IN THE SLAVE-ERA Following the worldwide protest of the police brutality in the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota by ex-cop Derek Chauvin, the British too had taken to the streets: young blacks and whites alike, defying the threats of catching the coronavirus! In the United Kingdom, on June 6, 2020, Edward Colston’s statue took a tumbling and burial in the Bristol river where his slave-ships had docked! The new generation would not stand for oppression, inequality, and systemic racism. On June 10, Robert Milligan’s statue in West Indian Quay, East London, England was gone! Only good Heavens knows how many more of these evil men's statues would forever be obliterated away from the world scenes in a shameful regret of the wicked parts they had played in slavery. Unfortunately for people of my generation, an important part of history that reminds us of the slave era's painful past is being further dissolved into the abyss of disconnection. This is the unwarranted reform that will be forced upon us all by the new wind of CHANGE when the lying, indifferent, ‘architects of modern history’ refuse to humbly acknowledge the pain caused by slavery, segregation, and racism, and rather, attempt to enforce laws or amendments in the Constitution that should make us all be treated the same under the law!

Crucial parts of history that should have been actively incorporated into the curriculum on Black History lessons — but which had been deftly left out and ‘silenced’ by the indifferent architects of modern history had been judged by the new generation of whites and blacks who felt they needed openness, acknowledgment, and fairness in their type of world! Let me hear your thoughts! #Erradicate #Systemic #Racism #Slavery Picture1: Elmina Castle in Ghana, built by the Portuguese in 1482. Picture 2: Charles Colestone’s statue in Bristol toppled into the sea, in England, and  Picture 3: Statue of Mr.Milligan being removed from East London’s Indian West Quay, June 10, 2020. 

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Kaepernick, ex-NFL quarterback.

When the ex-NFL San Fransisco's 49ers' quarterback Colin Kaepernick had decided to sit rather than stand during the national anthem's airing at one of the club's preseason game in 2016 as is the culture, he had acted in protest against racial injustice, police brutality and systemic racism in the United States. His decision had drawn a huge suspicion of Colin's intent. A bad feud ensued amongst white America who had thought that the footballer's action had been unpatriotic! 

The next week, and throughout what was left of his career, Mr. Kaepernick had knelt on a knee throughout the season: He'd been met with a huge national outcry from those whose right sense of patriotism and moral judgment had been wronged! The 49ers' management had bowed to the social pressure and call to dispense off, of his quality services! Soon, the powers that ruled the sport had also decided to leave Kaepernick unsigned, since 2017. That was until he took them to court. For his income loss, both parties had reached a financial settlement. He would never be able to play in the NFL again, and the conscience of racism that hated being rocked by the truth had yet once again being lulled to coma, by the power of backhand money!

Picture of Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, at the Burial Service of the murdered George Floyd, June 9, 2020, at the Fountain of Life Church, Texas.

Then jolted it into consciousness again by one unknown, unrecognizable, 'not-common' type of emotive scenario made possible through the recording of a bystander on May 25, 2020. A truthful, gruesome scenario that had revolved around the merciless, inhumane murder of the 46-year-old, father-of-three, Floyd George, a Texan, resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

As is seen in the video, 44-year-old caucasian cop, Derek Chauvin, had had Mr. Floyd in custody already: Hands cuffed behind his back, face-down, the assailant had deliberately knelt on George's back and neck for a total of 08 minutes and 46 seconds, even as the deceased had pleaded for his life: "Please officer, I can't breathe ..." Held under that pressure, Floyd had wee on himself, on that hot, laterite coaltar street, across from the store where he had been alleged to have passed a fake $20 currency for which the Police had been called out on him. Every passing second, as his life had ebbed away, blood had streaked from his nose and in his dying moments, he had called for his dead momma as the murderer had maintained pressure on his neck which pressure had caused his death by asphyxiation! Floyd George had died a martyr of the Black Lives Matter and had fueled the debate calling for wide-sweeping reforms in Police brutality and an end to systemic racism of all types, worldwide! I don't think that the world-wide renown and accolades showered upon George Floyd in his death had strictly been a result of his exemplary lifestyle. No, far from it. But because his rights under the United States Constitution had been grossly violated as was in the days of slavery, protests had broken out in major cities of every country in the world, crowds of masses despising the social-distancing rule to unite in solidarity, whites, and blacks, Catholics and Protestants, Jews and Gentiles, marching and protesting against the subjugation of the black race and people of color in America, and right across the world!  In the former case, corporate America had castigated the Kaepernick as a traitor of American ideals. In the latter, it had decided to be tongue-tied in denouncing Chauvin's less-than-heroic racial murder. The powers that be looked the other way for more than a week before Chauvin had been arrested. And the three other officers, still yet further, more days before they would be brought in! Let's all pray that justice is served! "He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you. But to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?" (Micah 6:8).  My question to you is simple: "Which knee was deadlier?" #Erradicate #Systemic #Racism #Slavery

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