If you are a Blood-bought child of God, it would please you to learn that God had — before the formation of the Earth — chosen to display His glory through you on Earth!  Would you know why? It is because, you are His redeemed through the atoning sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross on Golgotha’s hill!  That word 'atoning', is huge. It had been derived from the Law. The Law had comprised of the first five books of the Bible commonly called the Pentateuch cannon! These are the collection of books God had dictated to Moses the Prophet.  Moses was the Law-giver. Jesus Christ is the Grace-giver!  'Atoning' is a derivative of the word 'atonement'. It means: "To make at-one-ment with God, of a soul!" In other words, an angry God's wrath had been forever pacified and acquiesced by the sacrifice of the Just One, Jesus Christ Who had suffered “the just for the unjust” that He, through His death, might re-unite a sinful world of mankind to God!  Apostle Peter expressed the doctrine of atonement most succinctly:

"For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit" | 1 Peter 3:18.

You and have been atoned for, by the ever-living, once-and-for-all, valid sacrifice of the Lamb of God! We were redeemed — bought back, re-purchased, with an unquantifiable price of Christ's sacrificial death! I know this is true because I too am a living witness of Christ’s sacrificial redemptive power. I am all the Great I AM is because He made me alive by His very own life! He breathed life into — and upon me. He called me out, equipped, and fortified me with His very Zoe-life, the very life of Father-God's Spirit designed to tabernacle within mankind! For the lone reason that I am redeemed from eternal condemnation, I am forever indebted to extolling His graciousness unto me: "For the grave cannot praise thee, death can not celebrate thee: they that go down into the pit cannot hope for thy truth. The living, the living, he shall praise thee, as I do this day: the father to the children shall make known thy truth." 

| Isaiah 38:18-19

"The dead praise not the Lord, neither any that go down into silence."                                                                                           | Psalms 115:17 Would you then, rejoice and praise God for His atoning sacrifice for you upon the cross? His atonement made you shine! 

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Were God human, He'd have experienced a confusing moment of choosing between His royalty: The glory of Heaven and the angels  and His loyalty to the glory of the yet unfathomed depths of His created planets, galaxies, the Milky Ways and the Earth! Yet, unquestionably, no other planet had the Creator-God invested His greatest assets into, like our Earth — and its inhabitants! Without a doubt, therefore, His choice had been unrivaled: The Blue Planet will forever remain very special to Him because of at least these two, uncomplicated reasons:

First, the Earth inhabits homo sapiens. That is, human beings! These are essentially spirit-beings, created in the exact replica of God’s spiritual likeness! This truth, the Scripture teaches, in the creation story. When I say 'the creation story', I am deliberately well-intended away from referencing my source from any human theories or theorists like Darwin — and/or other evolutionists. Rather, I am pitching my throw from the Bible, God’s Holy Word: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” | Genesis 1:27 Second, the Earth, at the very beginning had borne the replica of Heaven  God’s dwelling place. It had been the Creator’s mindset that it should resemble Heaven in all semblance, for all eternity! Whichever angle you view it from, God had been pre-consumed with replicating Himself! Notice, I did not write “duplicating”. There is a huge difference between both: The duplication process involves watering down an original piece. And you and I know that God would never be involved in a shady, watered-down, deal! That why He produces replicas! Father-God reproduces replicas of the originality of His purpose through humans! You and I are replicas, not duplicates! We are the replicas of the Almighty, creative, Creator-God! And because He is creative, God allotted extraordinary abilities to gifted and talented humans  thus affording them a great level of ingenuity! Hence, we are geniuses in our gifting and talents! This is a major reason you must not be discouraged at setting your foot onto the pathway of discovering your identity, no matter how rough such a pathway may prove to be. Rather, you must immerse yourself in both the discovery and the mastery of the possible ‘oddities’ embedded with that gift and/talent  no matter how ‘odd’ it may originally present itself to your thoughts!  Do you live like God's replica of royalty and loyalty?  It's high time you began to, today!

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Anyone called of God into the “high calling” of adequately, effectively, representing Heaven to Earthly indigenes must at the very minimum, mandatorily require a pair of “guiding hands” and “seeing-eyes" to help them navigate the treacherous terrains of life’s encounters! If they lacked either, they would likely experience an endless, wander-some, excursion trip down the corridors of the very office(s) they were supposed to execute! The overhead lights on the corridors of such hallways should eventually grow dimmer with the advent of time, as they journey onwards, still, unaided. Additionally, they should eventually — if after a long while of not retracing their steps and locating their Heaven-sent aides — discover that they had indeed allotted irretrievable, precious time to roaming their precincts!

Do you categorize my opening statement above as harsh? I hope not! 

I will even attempt to bring this issue closer home by addressing it in the second-person, singular noun: Should you continue to navigate headstrong, headlong and unaccompanied in your ambassadorial journey, you would travel for a long while without realizing the promise of ever sighting a woodwork-signpost  a functional signpost in the dark, which ought to indicate to you, both the direction and the distance of travel. More favorably though, you may experience others like you who would probably not only wander and beat about the dense, entangling, forest-undergrowth on their journeys but indeed also wonder in disbelief, at how easy it is to be misled in the maze-groves of ministerial callings by everyone else who is also searching for answers that only the God of Heaven could provide! 

Unequivocally, there also avails that indisputable possibility that you would certainly run into the wicked, spiritual coyotes on your expedition! (I've borrowed the word 'coyote' from the smuggling ranks in Central America: They who attempt to smuggle illegal migrants into the United States, through the porous, two-thousand-mile southern border, Mexico shares with the USA.) The illegal services these render, more than often, are accosted with stiff costs and extreme human-violations. This is made possible because the majority of these coyotes are often nothing but human-traffickers who partner with the dangerous drug cartels, gangs, and prostitution rackets en route the journeys to Que Sera, Sera land! 

And just like these ‘illegal elements’ cohabiting the dense forests and cities of the Central American “triangle of fire”, there also exist spiritual coyotes in the dense vineyard of the Lord, camouflaging or forcefully co-existing with the true Body of Christ! These distort, impend, and prey upon the spiritual naiveties of spiritual ‘greenhorns’ in the deep matters regarding true, reverential worship and service of God  and His beloved humanity! 

One thing is certain: God calling upon a life is not confusing! A called-out one should never encounter a beclouding mystery surrounding the call of God upon his/her life! However, anyone called of God would require true, accurate spiritual guidance at all times! The experiences of two or three confidants, and the invaluable expertise, counsel, and ministry of a spiritually-alive, sensitive mentor  these whom I have earlier referred to as the pair of "guiding hands" and "seeing-eyes" — would necessarily be to you what Moses' brother-in-law, Hobab had been to Moses, and the children of Israel, as they had journeyed through the desert of their spiritual journey en route Canaan | Numbers 10:29-36.

If you found my descriptive narrative above to be scary, do not be afraid! I have been sent of God for your enlightenment. I have re-iterated, even this morning, the Heavenly oath undergirding my calling, to be faithful in adjudicating any matter in my jurisprudence as one of Heaven's Ambassadors!  (Excerpt from the preface-page of His Ambassadors, a brand-new book by Dr. Sammy Joseph). 

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