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Follow the Path Carved for Your Feet

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

For each of us on this earth, there's a path already carved out for our feet to tread by the Almighty God before we even surfaced here! I use the word "carved" with utmost precaution.

Because some of us could be headstrong. Or rascally. Or dodgy like Jacob, until he'd encountered the Angel of the LORD at the Jabbok Ford. Or some may find a way through their subtle importunity, 'twist' the arms of God into doing for them what they insist upon, like King Hezekiah of Judah had done when Prophet Isaiah had been sent of the LORD to inform him to "set your house in order, for you shall die and not live!" Isaiah 38:1 This self-willed king used God's injunction to "put me in remembrance" to intreat the face of the LORD unto beseeching the Almighty to rescind His instruction to the angel that was ready to ferry his spirit Home, to Heaven. YES, Scripture teaches that each of us has - at least - an angel assigned to us through life (See Acts 12:15). These God's angels hearken the WORD of God spoken through our lips (See Psalms 103:20). If that is true, then, Satan's demons too can only reverberate and act upon the fears that we empower through our words, Satan's wiles, or his demons' suggestive caressing of our senses! This is one perfect reason why you should mindful of what you say through your mouth, to ensure that everything coming from there aligns with the Word of God! Anyway, God nodded to Hezzy's wish. He had added fifteen more years to his life. But it was during this time that Judah's most wicked king, Manasseh would be born. He had undone practically every progressive policy he had inherited from his father, and had bankrolled Judah. He had ordered the Prophet Isaiah into a wooden casket - and sawed him into two halves, alive!

Look at my illustrative picture: It is a coal-tar pathway serenaded by some beautiful trees. Some of the trees have cast their shadows on this path. This particular one looks seeming straight-ahead to a stroller. In contrast, some other pathways are paved and have adorable flowers for hedges. Some pathways in the equatorial regions of the world are dense, inhabited by dangerous animals. Some in the dense Amazon forests are serenaded by watercourses and venomous reptiles. Yet, travelers keep traversing them. Here's my point of comparison: Whatever your pathway is, tread cautiously. Tread with thankfulness, and no soulful wishes to preferably walk/travel on someone else's! Stop crying to walk in someone else's shoes (I have written a booklet on that topic in 2010). You'd better be grateful for your lot in life, approach in the grace of God, and walk in it successfully in His strength!

Follow that path carved for you by God. It is in following it that you will be fulfilled - and many lives' thirsts, quenched!

In 2012, a married, Godly, Texan sister asked for prayers against the depressive, suicidal spirit in our inbox on Facebook. I'd managed to assure her that my book 'When the Chips are DOWN' would tremendously address her immediate needs! Immediately, that had been shipped. That had been the end of that ministration. Fast forward to nine years later, the lady had contacted me and written these words:

"You sent me a book when I was suffering from depression and anxiety at no charge. Yes!! It was so good, you are an incredible servant of God. Keep doing what you do ... I was so grateful you helped me you can’t imagine ... You probably didn’t know it but you helped me. God will prosper you because you help people!"

You would believe when I yield to you that those words were all I needed to read on a day of discouragement! The Scripture says that "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country" (Proverbs 25:25).


You too may know someone going through the distasteful moments of discouragement and depression - and may want to recommend this anointed resource to them. Here's the link to order it

Should you love to attend our one-on-one counseling session, then, make contact here:

Photo credit: Dan Joseph. (Danny is a British Year 2 Landscape Architecture student at the University of Sheffield, England, UK). Copyrighted photo used by permission and must not be reproduced or stored or altered without the written permission of the copyrights holder!

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