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God has not asked, nor will He demand ALL of us to enter into the ministry behind the pulpit! He will NEVER ask every one of us to abandon our day's jobs in fulfillment of the burden for the ministry. Do you know why? It is because GOD intended all of us His children to have a knowledgeable grasp of the reason for our creation! Have you discovered yours?

There is at least a reason for your being born. And until you have discovered that reason, you should be expected to keep trading upon the well-worn pathways that lead to "Nothingness Blvd." Jesus testified of His volition: "To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth." (John 18:37). Mary Slessor had found her calling at the abolishment of ritual killing of day-old twin babies among the Calabar people of Nigeria. John Newton, the abolishing of the horrific Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

How do you discover your calling?

You would have discovered your calling when you have found that thought that has consumed all of your heart! That's as easy as it is to discover it. Every tissue and fiber in your member would crave for and long for this very thought or mission. That's also how you will discover who it is the spouse you should marry is.

In Summary, therefore ...

  • Your calling is your heavenly apportioned assignment which Heaven has endowed you to fulfill on earth;

  • Your calling is the REASON of your existence - or should be;

  • It that niche that God has carved for you to fill in life, which no one else can fill;

  • It is that venture that you should give your ALL unto;

  • As you give your ALL to the pursuit of your calling, you begin to shine and accomplish what you set out to do by the anointing of God sent to make you excel despite oppositions;

  • And let's say you refuse to answer that calling of God upon your life, contrary to widely-held beliefs, God does not punish or put a curse upon you. He will simply find someone else who is not as good as you to step into your shoes and make them excel, supernaturally.

I hope and pray these few words of this blog will ginger you up to wait upon the Father until you have discovered that which He created you to do on this Earth! Do nothing UNTIL you have discovered the PURPOSE of God for your life! The best place you could ever be is in the center of Divine will for your life!

God bless you.

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