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When It Comes to DATING

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Sincere, happy, and content look this couple offers us. Don't they? But they're are pigeon-couple. Methinks, sometimes, that nature itself could teach humans a whole lot about what life should - and should not be about. For example, 'Why does nature seem to follow its pre-planned route by the Creator, but not humans?'

For the entire month of June, I have been led by the Holy Spirit to teach and pour out ALL He's taught me on this subject. I have compiled these in a playlist on our youtube channel: HarvestWays, titled - 'Godly Dating Tips'. Look for it here:

There is no need to get worked up about the dating process. It is essentially a process that we all hope and pray will lead to that exquisite, life-and-death covenant called marriage. In other words, the dating process is a means to an end, and, not an end in itself.


Allow me to quickly recap what the dating process is NOT:

  1. Dating is NOT marriage. So, you should not be acting in any way as if you were married. If you have been defiling your body; stop it today!

  2. Dating is NOT being blinded to the baggage of the other person you are attracted to. Hence, we see, that everyone in this world is broken and does possess some baggage of some kind, to say the least!

  3. Dating is NOT co-habitation.

  4. Dating is NOT for anyone who is still legally married. You should not be looking/searching for new love. Doing so would be immoral - and breaking your marital vows. Anyone who flings while married, the Bible refers to as an adulteress/adulterer whom God will judge (See Hebrews 13:4-6).

  5. Dating is NOT an excuse for unfaithfulness. Some, whose marriages are just about dead can't wait until the divorce process is over and Decree Absolute is pronounced before they have started 'nosing' and 'sniffing' around for potential new mates. They barely gave room for personal reflection of what parts they have played in the death of the marriage. And of course, they would not mourn its demise. That's the thorough way of the narcissist: He/she has no capacity for moral reflection or loving anyone else but him/herself!

  6. Dating is NOT being nonchalant pursuing multiple dates. This is the way the cosmos advises us to go about it. But not the WORD of God. Even though the word 'dating' does not occur anywhere in the Bible, yet we can see precedents set for us in the Word. You should be single-eyed for each potential date. Not dating Alice, Alicia, Lizzy, and Lakishia at the same time, holding their details on different cell/mobile devices. That's why you hide - and slide into immoralities. That's why you lie and get confused with facts. God is not the author of confusion.

  7. Dating is NOT abusing the privilege of getting to know someone. Your fingers ought to be disciplined enough to know what to text, and not text another being. Your mind must be alert, lest you mortgage your future into insolvency. Your mouth must be disciplined enough to conceal someone else's private details and matters that you may be privy to have access to. Releasing people's details to others without their consent could land you a lawsuit. Telling your friend(s) of the details of another is called gossiping. It shows the presence of moral bankruptcy.

Should you love to know more about DATING and other forms of relationships, I have written an excellent book titled 'APPRECIABLE Gifts'. You may order it by clicking upon this link: or at BarnesAndNoble Or on Amazon Should you love to book a one-on-one counseling session with me, then, click upon this link:

Photo credit: Tiffany Thornton. (Tiffany is a Canadian travel writer; a professional wildlife photographer and newspaper columnist). Copyrighted photo used by permission and must not be reproduced or stored or altered without the written permission of the copyrights holder!

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